10 Best First-Person Shooters

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Since the early 1990s, first-person shooters have continued to grow in popularity. Every year, games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Battlefield and more top the list of most played games, proving the enduring power of the genre. But what are the best first-person shooters ever released?

From games that completely changed the genre or showed just how deep they can be, there’s no shortage of great games to choose from. But we need to be specific with what we are looking for.

For this list, we’re not looking at first-person games that have shooter elements. Instead, this list will only focus on games whose core mechanic and gameplay loop is shooting while in first person.

What are the 10 best first-person shooters?

10. Quake III Arena

The fast-paced, fun action makes Quake III Arena an amazing experience. The game focuses solely on multiplayer, making you go through different map tiers with arena complexity. Weapons took time to master, but, once you did, you felt like nothing could stop you.

I remember it being on a flash drive in the early 2000s where I put it on the computers in my school’s computer lab to host big LAN parties. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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9. Counter Strike: Origin

As a franchise, Counter-Strike may be the best competitive first-person shooter series ever made. For certain games, though, Counter Strike: Source is the best of them all. The game has a very balanced multiplayer that requires more skill than luck and everything is improved over the original game. The Source engine also proved to be a perfect fit for the genre.

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8. Halo 2

Some might expect to see Halo 3 here, but I think Halo 2 is a better game. A stellar campaign and addictive multiplayer made for an amazing first-person shooter experience. Halo 2 made the idea of ​​matchmaking a prominent feature rather than manually finding lobbies to join online multiplayer.

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7. Left 4 Dead 2

Many team-based horde shooters have been released over the years, but none have really captured the magic that Left 4 Dead 2 did when it launched in 2009.

Depending on the different types of infected you need to learn their characteristics and the best ways to get them out. Fighting a jockey is a different strategy than taking out a tank or boomer. It’s still a great game to go back to with friends a decade later, and I don’t expect that to change.

6. Battlefield: Bad Company 2

With a great story and amazing multiplayer, Bad Company 2 is the perfect battlefield experience. The maps were among the most detailed seen at the time and showed what the developers could do, especially for online multiplayer.

The ability to destroy environments to help reveal enemies is a feature introduced to the Bad Company franchise that has become a staple of Battlefield games over the years.

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5. Superhot

The best first-person shooters are superhot

A first-person shooter where everything slows down when you’re not moving and speeds up when you’re not. It’s a concept that Superhot has mastered perfectly.

By standing still, you were able to map out how the action would play out in your mind, giving you the ability to think about how you wanted to attack the many enemies that came at you. This led to some intense and entertaining shootouts.

The amazing VR version that came long after the original release made the game even better. It took the experience to a whole new level.

4. Titanfall 2

The best first-person shooters are Titanfall 2

If you’ve never played Titanfall 2, I implore you to. The game has a campaign with great pacing and variety, and with multiplayer you can have a lot of fun today. Everything in the game ran very smoothly whether you were on or off your Titan. Everything that happened in the matches felt fair and justified and nothing left you wondering why it happened. It all made sense.

I truly believe Titanfall will be the next huge series if EA doesn’t release around Call of Duty and Battlefield and release games in the spring.

3. Half life 2

The best first-person shooters are Half-Life 2

A first-person shooter with amazing puzzle elements, amazing gameplay with physics, and realistic NPCs? Half-Life 2 really has it all. The game’s level design remains the best you’ll see in any game, anywhere. I could write 1,000 words about why I love Half-Life 2, but one sentiment should tell you all you need to know: There’s a reason fans are clamoring for Half-Life 3.

2. Doom

The best first-person shooters are Doom

Until the end of time, every first-person shooter owes something to Doom. This game, for lack of a better phrase, put shooters on the map. The boomer-shooter era was pretty much born out of this game. Additionally, it added some cool innovations to the genre at the time, such as a deathmatch mode as well as ambient lighting within the levels.

1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The best first-person shooters are Call of Duty

Although many would disagree, the original Modern Warfare deserves to be at the top here. The game completely changed the online first-person shooter genre and showed just how deep multiplayer can be. From map variety to features like unique weapons and perks, there’s nothing like experiencing Modern Warfare for the first time. This is the game that made the Call of Duty franchise the juggernaut it is today, and it deserves its laurels.

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There are many more great games to choose from, so let us know what your best first-person shooters are. For more insider gaming, check out the 5 best games like GTA.

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