10 Best Xbox Games for Co-Op

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Xbox offers a wide variety of games that support co-op gameplay, including local and online hits. A co-op is a great way for families, couples and friends to bond. While some of the titles may seem like stress tests of relationships at times, it’s all fun in the end.

This list examines the context for a range of collaborative priorities. You might want to complete a tense campaign together, find something for younger players, or just relax after a long day. Here’s our rundown of Xbox co-op games for all occasions, from easy epics to insurmountable indies.

10. Forza Horizon 5

Racing games are traditionally competitive, but the genre’s recent wave of open worlds has introduced more options. Forza Horizon 5 surprisingly offers online co-op for up to 6 players. There are enough activities here to keep a convoy of racing fans entertained for quite some time.

The open worlds are nicely detailed representations of Mexico, with lots of personality and plenty of exciting areas to discover and roam. The list of vehicles is extensive and the controls are very smooth. It’s also an Xbox Game Studios title, so it’s available on Game Pass and is an excellent way to make the most of your console exclusive.

9. Fall guys

Fall Guys Fall Force Obstacles

It may not be an Xbox exclusive, and it generally competes as a party game, but it still has a lot of fun co-op features. Players can team up or host custom shows before matchmaking. The game supports unusually large lobbies, which are great for crazy chaos.

In addition to Creative Mode, players can design and plan their own levels together, then share them with friends. With frequent IP contributions and updates, it’s a reliable title for casual minigames and platforming. However, there are still some technical glitches that the devs need to work out.

8. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Farm Crops

This classic farming sim is still perfect for indie fans years after its launch. It has lovely art design and a rich, relaxing world that continues to influence many comparable titles. Building a farm together is a very rewarding experience. Players can collect resources, feed animals, explore and participate in community events.

Stardew Valley develops so gradually that you’ll have to come back often. It has smooth gameplay, some fantasy elements and adorable animals, with more freedom and depth than you can imagine. Players of all ages will also enjoy the retro visuals and music. This is a cozy game if you want to relax together.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Shredder's Revenge

This surprise hit is one of the best games of the Xbox Game Pass period and has recently increased interest among co-op fans with the highly rated Dimension Shellshock DLC. TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge successfully revitalized the beat ’em up genre thanks to splashy, inventive levels and a clear understanding of arcade appeal.

The gameplay is simple, but it also captures the character of the beloved titular turtles. They are fun to play and their strange world offers many interesting obstacles and enemies. Fans who grew up with the Turtles and 80s arcade hits will appreciate the fan service, while the intuitive button mashing will please anyone. It also has a couch co-op, which remains a precious rarity.

6. Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Xbox Co-op Update

This indie hit has taken over the entire scene and by now, it’s been emulated to oversaturation. So, you can put it aside. But the devs recently patched in a co-op mode last August and it’s also playable on Xbox Game Pass.

The new co-op gameplay doesn’t actually reinvent the core run formula. But there are some neat tweaks that shake up the meta enough to justify revisiting this bullet hell classic. The adjusted pacing and tactics are great for new players to learn why it gathered so much hype in the first place.

5. Overcooked 2

Xbox Game Overcooked 2 Making Burgers

It remains one of the most challenging co-op games on any system, Xbox aside. It may look pretty, but the later levels require extensive communication and a lot of trial and error. So, it’s important to make sure you and your friends are patient when you fire up the grill.

However, sheer chaos is also a big part of Overcooked 2’s fun. The level design is very creative, with more elaborate tasks and obstacles than the game’s predecessors. In addition to actually taking your time to progress, there’s a lot of content and replay value that makes this a co-op staple.

4. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Xbox Halo Games Mantis Shooting

The Halo games may have become more fragmented over time, but it remains the flagship Xbox franchise, and the original trilogy is an essential collaborative experience. MCC has multiple games in one, offering a wide range of campaigns. Finding complete campaigns that support collaboration can be difficult, and certainly not without a complicated process.

MCC is a sci-fi spectacle that offers a wide variety of memorable enemies, characters and set pieces. The legends are fantastic, and even if you don’t feel like a one-man army in co-op, the levels reward teamwork. Naturally, this collection is one of the highlights of Xbox Game Pass.

3. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

LEGO Skywalker Saga Ships on Bespin

This kid-friendly Star Wars extravaganza has been praised for its massive amount of content. There are countless collectibles and characters to uncover, revisiting iconic moments from all the films with smart and silly humor.

As a result, the game is more enjoyable if you play with someone else. All LEGO video games encourage friends and families to play together in co-op, but this title is easily the most ambitious installment in the series.

2. Portal 2

Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body Co-op

It may be an old Xbox game, but it remains a masterpiece in the industry and great for collaboration. The puzzles are challenging, but not unreasonable, which is an important balance to strike. The new mechanics it introduces are all imaginative and satisfying.

Unfortunately, the co-op content is somewhat limited and you won’t be able to play the campaign together. Instead, the collaborative experience is treated as a separate narrative. But you still get the trademark comedy, creative physics-based puzzles, and some emotes to interact with. Essentially, you are completely dependent on each other throughout each puzzle.

1. It takes two

It takes on the console scene of two co-op games

This Swift platform is sort of a mandatory option, but it certainly earns its place. The story is immediately relatable with themes that really resonate with you and consider collaboration directly. You can play the entire campaign together, which develops and immerses more fantasy than you think.

Platforming can be very difficult at times and you will lose a lot of lives. However, the results are usually entertaining, which makes it easy to be determined. So, even if the action feels a little high, it’s still balanced and not as punishing as the Cupheads.

Xbox offers some unique co-op games, and Game Pass is one of the strongest subscription services. It has a solid list of titles, making it easy to try out new co-op games together. Tell us what your favorite co-op memory is and which Xbox titles deserve to be on the list!

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