$100M Creator Plan: PUBG Mobile follows in Fortnite’s footsteps

October 18, 2023 by No Comments

PUBG Mobile is a great game that has dominated the mobile scene for years and has effortlessly become one of the highest grossing esports games in the world. It has a huge footprint in the industry, and starting in 2021, creators are flocking to the platform to float their handcrafted content, much like the custom island mechanic in Fortnite.

Recently, PUBG Mobile’s operator – KRAFTON – revealed a massive $100M ‘investment plan’ focused on rewarding creators for building wonders into the game. It’s a similar approach compared to Fortnite’s ‘Creator Economy’, where talented creators can earn large sums of money as they spend time enjoying their custom builds in the game.

There is money to be made

In a period of three years, ‘Wonder Creators NetworkPUBG strengthens the existing ‘co-creation ecosystem’ on mobile. It offers some killer incentives to creators participating in the PDP, the ‘Ptopia Design Project’ – PUBG Mobile’s collaborative building initiative.

Tournaments have huge prize pools up for grabs, allowing creators to float their ideas and builds, while players vote on and rank against each other. In a report, it was stated that KRAFTON received nearly half a million submissions from creators who wanted to participate in the PDP.

Ultimately, these important and valuable competitions culminate in an awards ceremony – and the best part is, absolutely anyone can participate. It is worth emphasizing that this is not the first time that KRAFTON has done this. In 2021, Very similar with an identical prize pool.

They are a generous bunch.

So, how creative are you?

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