13 years of struggle, the context of saga and the meaning of DLCs

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The main points of the story

  • Alan Wake 2 – the first major entry since the announcement of Remedy Connected Universe – is set to release on October 27, 2023, and excitement for the game is at an all-time high.
  • It is expected to be a marvel in storytelling and horror. Much of that anticipation is thanks to Sam Lake, creative director at Remedy Entertainment.
  • In our interview with Sam Lake, we discussed Alan Wake 2 and how the main game and DLC will set the tone for Control 2, the potential relatives of the Anderson saga, and the elements of Alan’s 13-year struggle in the dark place.

Alan Wake 2 is just around the corner, and looks to be the long-awaited sequel to the first Alan Wake that launched all the way back in 2010. Over the course of more than a decade, developer Remedy Entertainment has become one of the brightest names in the gaming industry, releasing Control and creating “Remedyverse” of connected games as we know them.

So, it’s no surprise that Alan Wake 2 is surrounded by extreme hype, given the caliber of people behind the project. As such, we took the opportunity to sit down with the game’s director, Sam Lake, and shed some light on the upcoming survival horror’s status in the Remedy Connected universe and some plot points concerning the title’s campaign. Read on for the full interview.

Alan Wake 2 – (Credit: The Dark Place Gamescom Trailer 2023 only)

Q: Alan Wake and Control have been confirmed as part of the Remedy Connected universe. If the day comes when the studio acquires rights to Quantum Break, can we expect it to become part of this shared universe?

Sam: Quantum Break is owned by Microsoft Studios. there were No discussions on the rights or sequels.

Question: So, 13 years have passed since the first Alan Wake, being stuck in the dark place ever since. Aside from the few incidents we know about, like the control incident that happened in 2019, will there be hints in Alan Wake 2 that reveal more of what happened in those 13 years?

Sam: Alan Wake 2 will definitely accommodate Elements of Alan’s struggle Escape from the dark place for the 13 years he’s been trapped there.

Question: You previously confirmed that Alan Wake 2 would lay the groundwork for Control 2. Will it be similar to how the AWE DLC revealed how Alan Wake was involved in the creation of the Control story? Or can we expect the studio to take a different approach this time?

Sam: Alan Wake 2 is the first major Remedy game since the announcement of the Remedy Connected Universe. Both the main game and its DLC will contain several elements Tie it to Control’s story. What those elements are will be revealed in the story itself.

Question: Regarding switching between the two heroes, we know you can only switch when you are not on an active mission. Can you tell us more details about how this will happen?

Sam: Both the Pacific Northwest setting with Saga and The Dark Place with Alan Wake contain special places where the player can choose to switch from one reality and character to another. These locations can often be found near where a mission ends, but since the structure of the game world is based on hubs, after finding these locations, the player is free to go to them and move through at any time they choose.

Question: Is there a connection between Saga Anderson and the Anderson brothers? Or is the last name just a coincidence?

Sam: You’ll have to play the game and experience the story to find out the answer to that question. However, there are very few, if any, coincidences in this story.

Question: Alan Wake 2 has been in development for 13 years, and the idea you once had in mind is finally coming to light. But is the final product exactly as predicted 13 years ago? And if there were some changes, could you expand a little on that?

Sam: The Sequel contains many characters and locations, as well as a continuation of the supernatural lore established and introduced in the original Alan Wake. However, 13 years is a long time, with a lot of hard-earned learning that made the story and gameplay much more ambitious along the way. I’m glad this is the version of Alan Wake 2 we got to make Not the previous versions.

Sam Lake in Alan Wake 2
Sam Lake in Alan Wake 2 – (Credit: The Dark Place Gamescom Trailer 2023 only)

Alan Wake 2 looks poised to be one of the most important releases from Remedy’s side. This is because the title will lay the groundwork for what’s to come for the Remedy Connected Universe, being the first iteration after the announcement of the last one. We can expect more official information about the DLCs after the game launches.

After enough time has passed, Remedy’s focus will turn to The continuation of control, especially since Alan Wake 2 and its expansions are going to make the build mandatory for it. Maybe in a few months, I’d love to talk to Sam again and ask some questions that couldn’t be answered right now.

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