49% of UK gamers will probably not buy GTA 6

April 30, 2024 by No Comments

A recent survey conducted by Statista in collaboration with YouGov revealed that 49% of respondents were unsure whether they would buy Grand Theft Auto 6 when it was released in 2025. This survey is aimed at older gamers. 18, 41% of respondents in the United Kingdom answered that they were ‘very/very likely’ to buy Rockstar Games’ upcoming open-world epic.

It’s a numbers game

Grand Theft Auto 6 is widely expected to be the biggest game launch of all time. It’s been more than a decade since the last Grand Theft Auto game was released, and the trailer released to properly announce GTA 6 in December 2023 was nothing short of monumental. It broke viewership records on YouTube and became one of the most talked about topics around the world for weeks.

In a recent poll Hosted by Statista And published earlier today, it was revealed that 49% of respondents probably won’t buy the game.

In 2023, a survey by Statista revealed that almost 50% of the UK population will be gamers. In one count, there are about 39 million gamers. That is, about 19.5 million gamers in the United Kingdom are not interested in Grand Theft Auto 6. It should be emphasized that this report is based on information collected a few weeks before the trailer goes live – it will be interesting to see what the sentiment is. Changed after release.

Are you planning to buy Grand Theft Auto 6 as soon as it becomes available?

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