7 Best Cooperative Games, Ranked

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Co-op games give us a delightful blend of shared success and the exhilarating thrill of tackling challenges as a team. Whether it’s engaging in intense battles or solving complex puzzles with your friends, shared adventures create lasting memories and strong bonds. Today we’re ranking several of the best titles in the genre, so sit tight as we go through the best co-op games to play with your closest friends.

The essence of the journey, rather than the destination, encapsulates the collaborative experience. The goal of this list of the best co-op games of all time is to put those entries above the rest, capturing that feeling perfectly.

That being said, this list is purely based on personal experience so your opinion may differ. However, you are more than welcome to change the rankings in the comments!

7. Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2

It’s everyone’s childhood dream to team up with your friends and take down some of Marvel’s most iconic baddies, including Doctor Doom and Galactus, and in Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2, you can do that and more. Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2 offers an insane amount of playable Marvel characters. However, it’s still collaborative capability and excellent storytelling are unique features.

Join forces and form with your friends the ultimate A superhero dream team has never been more fun, so it makes sense to name Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2 among the best co-op games ever made.

6. Untie both

Untie both

Unravel Two is a hidden indie gem that takes puzzles and platforming to the next level with a breathtaking world and an enjoyable soundtrack.

While the game is technically playable solo, the co-op mode really shines. And because of that, Unravel Two is one of the top cooperative games to enjoy with your friends. Solving the puzzles together feels like a dance, and each player’s actions are so intricately intertwined with the other that everything you do comes full circle in a satisfying way.

5. Boundaries 3

Borderlands 3 is one of the best cooperative games ever

Welcome to the world of mayhem, mercenaries and psychos. Borderlands 3 is the ultimate, most powerful and nuts co-op game you’ll ever see in your lifetime – until Borderlands 4 comes along. It’s an addictive first-person shooter that throws everything it has at you.

You’ll travel through vast landscapes with a variety of unique weapons and sick rides, killing plenty of bandits and bruisers in the process. Borderlands 3 is a haven for gunslingers, and the variety of weapons and challenging enemy hordes will keep you on your toes. This is a must-play if open-worlds and big guns are your jam, because in those two categories, Borderlands 3 takes the cake as the best co-op game to play with friends.

4. A way

A way out

A Way Out cleverly interweaves action, stealth and puzzle-solving elements to keep both players engaged at all times. Thrilling action sequences and prison drama will keep you and your partner hooked at every second.

Hazelight Studios really pushes the boundaries of how storytelling works with the cooperative gameplay in this one. It’s a fantastic experience overall and one that will stay with you long after you put down your controller.

3. Cup head

Cup head

Cuphead is a 2D masterpiece that seamlessly blends its nostalgic aesthetic with challenging boss fights. Its co-op feature elevates the experience to new heights when you embark on an epic journey with your friend.

Prepare to rage as you navigate the tricky platforms and die repeatedly to its many one-sided – and mostly – boss fights. Its unique visuals and attractive shooter design are easy reasons to consider it one of the best cooperative games you can play right now.

2. It takes two

It Takes Two is one of the best co-op games out there

It Takes Two is one of gaming’s biggest surprises of 2021 and one of the best co-op games ever released. Embark on an unforgettable journey as you assume the roles of two charming characters who must overcome many obstacles together. The intensity of emotion and creativity poured into this game will definitely leave you wanting more.

Each level offers unique abilities that you must combine to overcome mind-bending puzzles and boss fights. Hazelight Studios is already a master of co-op games, but with It Takes Two, they’ve cemented their name as the next big thing.

1. Don’t starve together

Don't starve together

Don’t Starve Together is a cult classic in co-op survival gaming that weaves a rich tapestry of challenge and creativity. The game is captivating with its Tim Burton-esque art style, creating a visual and atmospheric world for every decision.

It encourages adaptation to the world around you and strategic thinking, as each player’s unique skills and roles contribute to the survival of the group as a whole. Don’t Starve Together is an adventure that will test the resilience of your entire circle. Unless Clea finally gives us a sequel, this is a timeless title that will remain the best co-op game ever.

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