A Dead Space 2 remake has been shelved for Battlefield, it has been claimed

April 10, 2024 by No Comments

A Dead Space 2 remake isn’t happening anytime soon.

During the latest episode of Game Mess Mornings, Jeff Grubb Talked about A statement of inspiration has been moved to the Battlefield franchise by EA. During the segment, he talked about what it means for the studio to remake Dead Space 2.

“They (Inspiration) said they’re going to be a two-project team going forward and that’s going to be Iron Man and Battlefield.” Grubb said.

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He continued: “They were working on Dead Space 2 and they’re not working on it anymore. It was shelved because the first game had poor sales. So, if you are looking forward to Dead Space 2, this is bad news. This is straight up bad news. “

Grubb stated that he had no idea the game would ever happen. However, the game is currently not in the plans after being in the pre-production stage.

What do you think about the fact that a Dead Space 2 remake seems to be out of development? For more insider gaming, check out the 16 new games set for the PlayStation Plus game catalog.

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