A group of Marvel rivals apologized for limiting criticism

May 13, 2024 by No Comments

in A recent post On Twitter late yesterday, Marvel’s Rivals dev team apologized for a severance agreement that limited criticism during its closed alpha testing.

Players included in the closed alpha were quick to note that the terms of the agreement disallowed disparaging comments. Despite some good word of mouth surrounding Marvel’s rivals, these terms quickly backfired.

Now, the dev team has officially apologized for “any unpleasant experiences or doubts” and “confusion, doubt and frustration.”

NetEase also reported that they are working on revisions to provide creators with “less restrictive and more creator-friendly” terms. They refer to a “miscommunication” in the rules, and many fans are relieved by the devs’ swift response.

Today’s post continues to invite honest feedback and heartfelt thoughts. It acknowledges that “all feedback, positive and negative, helps us in the end.” Now that closed alpha players are giving honest critiques of Marvel’s rivals, fans will get a better idea of ​​what to expect.

Although Marvel Rivals closed alpha began on May 10, its full character roster leaked online last week. Data mining revealed 39 prominent characters, most of which have not been officially announced.

Soon after, fans also saw some leaked Marvel Rivals gameplay, which revealed a variety of character abilities.

At this time, NetEase has not confirmed a release date or window for Marvel Rivals. But the closed alpha test gives fans an idea of ​​the development timeline.

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