A Multiverse x NHL Live event has been announced, featuring real-time animation

April 4, 2024 by No Comments

a Official news post The NHL announced details from its website for a live event collaboration with Multiverse, which will feature iconic characters using real-time animation.

This “Multiversus NHL Face-Off” event will air on April 14 at 3:30 PM Eastern Time. This includes the Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights. Fans can watch the event on truTV or Max’s B/R Sports add-on.

The event “merges two different tracking technologies”. This will allow the special show to “recreate the action on the ice as it happens in real time, featuring avatars of the NHL’s biggest stars as well as multiverse characters.”

A variety of Warner Bros. Discovery characters will appear in a “fully animated presentation.” Some of the roster includes Bugs Bunny, Batman, Wonder Woman, Shaggy and more. In fact, the Tasmanian Devil will officiate the game and even drop the puck.

The match will also revolve around other multiverse content such as “Space Jam Court, Adventure Time Tree Fort, Sky Arena and Trophy’s Edge”.

The Space Jam Court is a nice touch and almost a must for any sports event that plans to combine animation with live content. While this kind of crossover may surprise gaming and sports fans, it will certainly create a buzz.

In addition, today’s announcement states that a traditional broadcast with Kenny Albert, Eddie Olczyk and Brian Boucher will also be available.

Last month, developer Player First Games finally announced that Multiverse will launch on May 28. The release follows a long hiatus since MultiVersus shut down a full year ago.

The game’s big return includes an expanded roster, as well as new features. The developers “rebuilt the game from the ground up” to update the netcode.

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