A new Astro game announcement is coming in the next couple of weeks

May 24, 2024 by No Comments

A new Astro game is in development at Sony by Team Asobi and an announcement could come in the next couple of weeks.

According to Trusted data miner Bilbil-kun, he was relieved that the game would simply be called “Astro Bot.” An official announcement of the new game “should be made within 15 days,” he added.

“Among the other information we got, part of the game could be played in an environment in the heart of the desert,” he said. “One of the new characters in this game is Fennec, who shares some similarities with Astro in robot form.”

The release date and official platforms are currently unknown, he added. However, he believes the game will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and not PS VR2.

The last Astro Bot game, Astro’s Playroom, was released in 2020 and comes pre-installed on every PlayStation 5. This game serves as a free tech demo for Sony’s new console and new DualSense controller.

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