A new report claims that a director’s cut of Hogwarts’ legacy is in development

June 6, 2024 by No Comments

A new report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier on the development of Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reveals that Warner Bros. is working on a new Hogwarts Legacy director’s cut.

In a Bloomberg report, Schreyer outlines many of Suicide Squad’s flaws (We encourage you to read it here), but at the end of the report, Warner Bros. is now said to be working on a director’s cut of Hogwarts Legacy.

The game, developed by Avalanche Software, is the most successful game of 2023, selling over 23 million copies. Within two weeks of its launch, the game sold an impressive 12 million copies and generated over $850 million in global revenue. Given that Warner Bros. also lost over $200 million in the development of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League , it makes sense to continue investing in a successful release. Rocksteady is said to be working on a majority director’s cut.

Today, Hogwarts Legacy also gets a massive new update across all platforms. The update is being promoted by WB Games encouraging users to share their screenshots taken in Photomode with the hashtag #CaptureTheUnwritten.

It’s not entirely clear what will be included in the director’s cut or when it will be released. But it could be announced late, as Bloomberg’s sources revealed its existence.

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