AC Mirage: How to eavesdrop (answer)

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Completing missions in AC Mirage requires certain information that you can only gather by Listening to the conversation. You can only progress when you master this skill. so, It It is important that you know How to eavesdrop on AC Mirage.

A key takeaway

  • Eavesdropping has been part of the Assassin’s Creed franchise for a long time and is One of the main features of AC Mirage.
  • To eavesdrop on AC Mirage, you must first approach the people you need to eavesdrop on without informing them and then Click the listen button to initiate eavesdropping.
  • Also, remember complete the entire listening Because if you go out in between, wiretapping will be canceled.

How to eavesdrop on Mirage Assassin’s Creed

Wiretap screenshot (image taken by: eXputer)

A number of different tasks will ask you to gather information. In order to do this, follow these steps:

  1. Find the goal: Occasionally there will be a group of people, and you will have to eavesdrop on that conversation. Also, you will need to find exactly which person is talking about the information you need.
  2. Use Basim’s Eagle Vision: Basses have the ability to use eagle vision; Using this will make all NPCs glow orange. The ones that turn orange are the ones you need to communicate with.
  3. merge naturally: You should stay out of sight. Hiding behind a wall or standing behind them won’t cut it. You have to find places where you can fit in, like among a group of people.
  4. The directive to eavesdrop: After you intervene, press the right analog stick on the console or the center mouse button on the computer. This will trigger the call to start.

It is important: Make sure you don’t leave before the conversation ends because as soon as you leave the conversation stops, and you’ll have to go through it from the beginning. Listen to exactly what you want to listen to, then run!

Furthermore, below is a screenshot of what the in-game codex manual says:

Eavesdropping training
Training for the Codex team (Image credit: eXputer)

Thoughts on a listening mechanism

I have played every Assassin’s Creed game to the end and have put in countless hours. So in my opinion, the listening mechanism is a great feature in Assassin’s Creed Mirage that has made a comeback. The authenticity and immersive gameplay that this feature provides, along with the nostalgia and the fact that they didn’t overdo it, are highly appreciated.

And with that, my guide on how to eavesdrop on AC Mirage ends. Here, you have learned the step by step procedure on how to hack the new AC Mirage. Furthermore, to know more about AC Mirage, you can read Usama’s thoughts on it in his Assassin’s Creed Mirage review. Besides, find out The performance of AC Mirage on PC, check out the ResetEra forum. Also, if you would like to add anything, you can do so through the comments section below.

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