Activision held an all-hands meeting to talk about the future of the company, mentioning a Guitar Hero revival

October 11, 2023 by No Comments

As Microsoft works to close its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the company held an all-hands meeting to cover several topics. Journalist Jez Corden.

During the meeting, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick took questions in a town hall format. He talked about Activision’s past, how far the company has come over the years, the future of gaming technology and even hinted at the return of Guitar Hero.

Regarding future gaming technology, Kotick says the company will soon be able to do things it has never been able to do before.

“If you look at the new technologies on the horizon, with AI and machine learning we’ll be able to do things we’ve never done before.” He said via Corden. “The quality of graphics has now been elevated to the point where we need more writing talent and more acting talent – because we can’t really meet the expectations of our players.

“Games have always been very different from film and television. In film and television, you succeed by creating an emotional connection between yourself and the audience — our experiences are more visceral, but that’s changing. We have characters and video games on screen that are realistic with mouth movements and facial animation — you’re going to get a new dimension of emotional connection that we haven’t mastered yet.

Talking about games, Kotick said Microsoft’s support to the company will help future research for games and development. It was only then that Guitar Hero was specifically mentioned.

“Most of what I’ve seen at Microsoft is research” He \ he said. “And they develop in extraordinary areas. So their AI and machine learning capability, being able to tap into new ways of thinking about data analytics, graphics — I see limitless potential for what we do. We’re a unique company because we have the best franchises in all of video games.

He continued: “Guitar Hero and other things wouldn’t have been able to re-emerge without a variety of resources. So, you know, the endless possibilities for the future are very exciting.

He also mentioned the idea of ​​using Neuralink or an earpiece or something similar to interact with games on the screen without a controller in the future.

Microsoft’s $72 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard recently cleared a major hurdle in the UK. If all goes well, Microsoft hopes to close the deal by the end of this week.

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