AEW Fight Forever couldn’t be delayed further because of the budget

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When AEW Fight Forever, then unnamed, was announced back in November 2020, excitement among fans for the young promotion was high. People are eager to play as their favorite AEW wrestlers on the system of their choice.

Unfortunately, however, that excitement started to wane as little information about the game came out. The Creation Suite For the created wrestlers to be limited to the old roster, many are upset about the state of play.

When launched, the The game received mixed reviews. Concerns from players include the aforementioned roster, limited mode offering, and multiple bugs at launch.

Our review put it in the “wait for sale” range, saying at the time, “It’s clear that the foundation of a great game is here, but, at this point, AEW Fight Forever needs more time in development before hitting the main roster.”

Now, nearly a year after its release, things are tense around the game, with questions about how development money was spent, Yuk’s future working with AEW, the company’s future in gaming, and more.

A fight from the start

Multiple sources at both AEW and around development at Yuk say the game should not have been announced earlier. A source announced it almost as soon as they did “killed the game from the start”.

“This puts more pressure on developers to not only deliver great, but to deliver faster than it should.” A source told Insider Gaming on condition of anonymity because the game is still around. “The longer we went without updating people, the more pressure we felt, which, for some people, made them careless about what was going on.”

As much of the game was shown to the public, those working on the game noticed the awareness immediately. While almost everyone believes that a good game is made with the foundation laid, many feel that it is best to keep the game in development and put it back for at least another year or so.

But why was it released when it was released in June 2023?

“We need to get money back from development” A source said.

Even though AEW owner Tony Khan, at least publicly, has made it known that he is not afraid to invest large sums of money in things around the company, there is a belief and feeling that the game is an industry to make money. back

“They (AEW) know they’re going to lose money in this game” Another said. “But just because of how overbudget the game was, there was a lot of pressure to make that money back.”

That budget, which was small to begin with, fell somewhere between 1.5x to 2x the original expected development cost. This led to many features planned for the game at launch being delayed or cut entirely.

“A third of the planned launch features have not happened and some may still not happen” Insider Gaming said.

One of the features that was talked about at launch but was eventually added as part of the game’s DLC plan was a “Beat the Elite” game mode. The mode, released for the game in December 2023, pits players against 10 randomly selected wrestlers with the goal of reaching the elite and defeating one of the in-game members of the group.

Another feature planned, and Even mentioned publicly As part of the game at one point, cross-platform play. Insider Gaming was told that testing the feature during development caused so many problems that it was scrapped with plans to revisit the line. Especially when it’s “down the line”, it’s said “Your imagination is like everyone else’s”.

The $11.99 DLC release includes an older Tony Storm character and 10 songs.

The future of AEW Fight Forever

Since its release, AEW Fight Forever has released regular DLC updates to the game. These updates, however, usually include cosmetic additions for custom designed wrestlers, new soundtrack songs, and in some cases, the now old AEW Dynamite Arena and the new Beachfront Arena, as well as one added wrestler at a time.

While no new traditional match types have been added to the game, the plan has always been to introduce more variety to the game as it ages. Stadium Stampede, the game’s take on the battle royale genre, was added as a free update to the game and was well received both internally and externally. Many at the time thought this was a step towards adding more matches to the game as part of future updates.

Sources say things like adding trios matches have continued to be more difficult to execute than Stadium Stampede.

“They are trying, But it feels like something that might have to Wait for the next game if they don’t put in extra resources now,” one person said about adding big matches to the current game. The source admitted that there could be discussions on how to implement the larger match types. But it is not known where those discussions went.

Speaking of the next game, there are a lot of doubts surrounding AEW and Yuk’s continued relationship. Although the relationship started off strong, it continued to go downhill throughout the game’s development and became tense as the work continued.

“Nobody knows what will happen when the plan updates are done” Sources said. “We know AEW wants to do a second game, but who makes it, that’s completely up in the air. Whoever owns the game engine (AEW) has the ball in their court on where to go from here.

Currently, Yuke’s is still working on updates to the game under contract with AEW. For now, plans are underway to finalize all existing contracts before making a firm decision on the future.

Insider Gaming reached out to All Elite Wrestling, Yukes and publisher THQ Nordic multiple times for comment on this story prior to publication. As of publication, each request has been ignored.

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