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Could a standalone Venom game be coming after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? According to Jon Paquette, senior narrative director at Insomniac, this is a possibility.

In an interview with internalWith Spider-Man 2 out the door, Paquette hinted at a potential spin-off game centered around Venom.

“I want this to be one of the best Venom stories you’ve ever experienced. Let’s see what the reviewers have to say.” He \ he said.

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He continued: “So, here’s what we’re doing. We are focused on ‘Spider-Man 2’ and what we are going to do, we will wait to see how the fans react,” he said. “We’re going to listen to the fans and say, ‘Well, what do the fans really want?’

“After we’ve all had time to sleep and take vacations we’ll talk about some kind of thing.”

According to Venom’s story, the team at Insomniac looked at a comic book iteration of the character for Spider-Man 2. Where else is Venom likely to come from?

“There’s such a great universe out there and so much that comics has done. We’ve tried to take it all in, then forget about it and think about what’s best for our characters and our franchise,” He \ he said.

With the launch of Spider-Man 2, Insomniac is set to further work on the upcoming Wolverine title for PlayStation 5.

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