Akuma has arrived, officially ending Season 1.

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Street Fighter 6 is almost a year old, and with that, its season 1 is about to end. Comes with a ton of Changes We won’t start listing here. But what I will do is tell about my experience with the real owner of the fist, Akuma

Akuma is so absolutely insane that the entire game had to be rebalanced around him. You can also find him in World Tour mode and ask him to teach your avatar tricks. It’s a bit of work, but worth it in the end. If I can summarize, find a SiRN poster on the side of the SiRN building, then go to the 5th floor, talk to a guy, kill his robot using some special moves you’ve learned from other fighters (JP, Luke, and Manon), get the chips, the guy tells you to then go to Retsu in Japan, talk to him, and he’ll unlock Akuma’s level. He will not fight you. Go back to Retsu, then talk and fight Ryu, go back to Metro City, talk and fight Luke, go back to Akuma. He will kick you in the face, but then agree to train you. wow

Her new stage, Emma’s Hollow, is available for drive-thru tickets in the shop, or fight money which is very hard to come by. Drive tickets, however, are easy to come by, especially with the new limited-time mode Giant Attack. Battle Hub has a huge Akuma, touching everyone. To fight him, you will have to fight in the battle center in the cabinet. With each fight, you get battle points. You can exchange these battle locations for a joint attack with other people in the center of the battle. Every time you kill them, you get victory points. If you go to the event counter in the Battle Center, you can exchange Battle Points, and Tymef Points for drive tickets in pounds. You also get titles and emotes for your character.

You can also fight “SiRN Akuma” in most cabinets. He’s the level 8 version of Akuma, except it’s Shin Akuma. You are not worth his time. He starts, and stays at level 1. He has a double fireball, two other supers, and wombo combos. He will kill you immediately, and often but I found a solution. Even my level 70+ avatar character can fight it. If you go under one of the giant Akuma’s legs, you can challenge it like you would an Avatar battle. He’s level 80, but with all the power-ups you have, and the attributes you’ve gained from World Tour mode, you can take him out with a little skill. Just don’t make a mistake. He will make you pay for it every time.

This is also a good time to level up with a new main, as anyone you fight will be an Akuma for a while, and it’s better to have them learning, than fighting someone who’s been around for a week. Have been with him for longer than There are videos of someone doing the most devastating combos after only holding it for an hour. One video features a 53-hit combo, accompanied by Shun Goku Satsu, AKA The Bison Killer. You can only do this if you have 25% health left, and a level 3 super. It’s great to see, but its all super.

Capcom went all out with Akuma. While I wasn’t thrilled with Rashid, I used AKI, and Ed quite a bit. I probably won’t use Akuma much, but I’ll enjoy punching him in the face with Marisa, and seeing his low HP chip away. I think overall, it’s been a great year for Street Fighter 6, and I’m glad the game feels the same but fresh. I just hope season 2 continues to add only the best characters, although I don’t really know who I’m hoping for. Now if you hate words, and want a video, I’ve posted all of my experiences below.

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