All Harbiah puzzles (location, solution and reward)

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There are 3 riddles hidden around Harbiah in AC Mirage. Each puzzle reveals clues and tasks you must complete to obtain a set of treasures. You will have to decipher these clues hidden in the breeding area; Only then will you receive your treasure.

A key takeaway

  • Riddles are a trapping activity in AC Mirage that reveals clues to valuable treasures.
  • there is 3 puzzles In the Harbia area in AC Mirage.
  • The 3 riddles are called ‘find what i stole’left behind,’ andsacred treasure.’
  • For each of the puzzles, you must know the Place, solutionand a prize You can figure out if it’s worth getting it in full.

The area of ​​her sword is quite vast, and exploring it all might be a hassle. Completing the assigned tasks is not easy either. On top of all that, the puzzles have no route marker, so you have no idea where to go unless you know the bayou map inside out.

Find what I stole!

Find what I stole from Enigma (Image taken by: eXputer)

Place: The riddle can be found near the river bank, south of it Kotrabol Gate. You will find the puzzle under the tent among some bushes.

Find the treasure location of what I stole
Find what I stole from a treasure location (Image credit: eXputer)

solution: The enigma will ask you to search for the treasure in Dodi Sabon district. The area can be found in the south of Harbia. going towards Abbasia, You will see a small temple. The temple will have your reward, which will be bright.

Find what I stole reward
Find What I Stole Award (Photo by: eXputer)

a prize: For completing the puzzle above, you will be rewarded Black Zang Rebellion outfit Color.

left behind

left behind
Enigma location left behind (screenshot taken by: eXputer)

Place: You will find the enigma in the building West of the butcher shop and South of the metal factory. In order to enter the building and search for the enigma, you will need to destroy the temporary platform outside and enter through the window.

Left Behind Treasure Location
Left Behind Treasure Location (screenshot credit: eXputer)

solution: Next, you should go to west desert and the site of a wooden hut in an abandoned village. The hut is right next to the water on the south side of the village. Inside the hut, your treasure will be waiting.

Peres stayed behind
Left Behind Reward (screenshot by: eXputer)

a prize: This enigma rewards you with the Horned lion amulet.

sacred treasure

sacred treasure
Holy cache location (screenshot taken by: eXputer)

Place: The Holy Reservoir puzzle can be found On the first floor, on a shelf, in the house. You will find the house just before crossing into Kerch area. It’s towards the southeast corner of rat.

Holy Treasure Treasure Location
A Holy Hard Treasure Location (screenshot credit: eXputer)

solution: A map will be revealed that will show you exactly where to go. The Nestorian Monastery, north of Harvia. Here you will look around and you will see many lemon trees. Among a group of these trees, you can see something glowing, which is your treasure.

Sacred Treasure Prize
A Holy Hoard Reward (screenshot by: eXputer)

a prize: You will be rewarded by receiving the Tan Abbasid Night outfit color.

My thoughts on these enigmas

And with that, mine AC Mirage Harbiah Enigmas guide ends. You have learned the location, solution and reward for all 3 Harbiah puzzles here. If you ask me, getting all three enigmas isn’t that hard as long as you know where to carefully look for each one in an organized manner.

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