Apple Vision Pro shipments have been reduced due to low demand, it has been claimed

April 24, 2024 by No Comments

According to A new report From Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (dots via IGN), the company is allegedly cutting Apple Vision Pro shipments in 2024.

The move will reduce shipments to around 450k units as opposed to 800k expected by market analysts.

Apple only launched the headset last February, and it quickly gathered mixed reviews. The headset includes more than 200 titles from Apple Arcade, as well as controller support. However, the device is clearly focused on breaking new ground in the computer space rather than gaming.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple Vision Pro will usher in a new era of “spatial computing”. But lower shipments indicate a little less optimism.

However, a report last March suggested that Sony had similarly paused production on PSVR2 headsets. “The high cost of VR hardware acts as a major barrier to its deployment,” explained a report from Yijia Zhai.

Apple Vision Pro launched with a hefty price tag of $3,499 USD. So, it’s in a completely different ballpark compared to traditional gaming headsets. So, if Apple cuts shipments, it may not necessarily be because the features are weak.

Last February, the Crucial Xbox Podcast updated fans on Microsoft’s plans for future hardware. Xbox President Sarah Bond said, “There are some exciting things coming in hardware that we’re going to share this holiday season.”

There’s no mention of an Xbox headset, but that might not be out of the question just yet. Recent claims suggest that Xbox is prototyping a native Xbox handheld device.

At this time, Apple has not issued an official comment on the alleged cutbacks for the Apple Vision Pro device.

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