Arena Breakout devs ban 2124 accounts ‘for ten years’

May 16, 2024 by No Comments

In a recent update regarding Arena Breakout Infinite’s anti-cheat mechanics, Tencent’s subsidiary MoreFun Studios – revealed how much work it has already done to secure the extraction shooter’s ecosystem. Although still in beta, Arena Breakout Infinite has a lot of people running around with cheats – for whatever reason.

MoreFun says it’s on the case and is tightening anti-cheat measures ahead of the game’s inevitable Early Access release.

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in A post on TwitterMoreFun Studios has revealed that it has been banned Exactly 2124 accounts Ten years For various violations. Here’s a full breakdown of the impact MoreFun’s anti-cheat team has had against malicious operators trying to spoil the fun:

In the past week, our anti-cheat team has identified and combated over 10 memory related cheats, 2 VT cheats and over 10 DMA cheats. 2124 Accounts are banned for ten years.

Additionally, MoreFun confirmed that all accounts banned during the beta will be ‘repeatedly checked’. Going forward, Arena Breakout Infinite will implement a real-time ban system, with any suspicious accounts having their data analyzed – but players are reporting that false bans are happening. The extent to which player reports are checked by automated systems that require tweaking has not been confirmed, but that could be a major problem.

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