Armored Core 6 Patch 1.04 goes live; Fixes major bugs and improves performance

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  • Patch 1.04 for AC6 is active, fixing major bugs and weapon inconsistencies to improve overall game stability.
  • The update also resolves progress blockers that were activated under certain circumstances during two of the game’s missions.
  • Framerate inconsistencies affecting the AC player’s shooting accuracy and certain weapons have also been addressed.

FromSoftware has released the following patch for Armored Core 6, resolving major bugs that blocked progress in certain missions. According to Correction notes, fixed the bug that prevents certain events from triggering the “escape” mission. Similarly, players will no longer be soft-locked under certain circumstances in the “Ocean Crossing” quest.

Armored Core 6 v1.04 patch notes

Update 1.04 for AC6 focuses on extensively improving game stability to provide a smooth gaming experience. Starting with this patch, players will no longer experience crashes when swapping parts in the assembly menu during the AC test. Additionally, a bug that prevented the game from loading after selecting “Continue” from the title screen has been resolved.

Furthermore, issues where frame rate changes would affect the player’s AC shooting accuracy and the rapid fire performance of some weapons have been addressed. The rendering bug in online matches caused by pasting stickers was also fixed with v1.04 of the game. Additionally, AC Data can now be loaded even if it was via a sticker whose image was deleted from the game server. Loading such data now will remove the appropriate formatting.

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Weapon inconsistencies have also been sorted with this update. The Coral Oscillator “IB-CO3W2: WLT 101” suffered from an issue where charged attacks had less range when certain parts were equipped. Furthermore, a bug caused fully charged attacks from the Coral Rifle “IB-C03W1: WLT 011” to cancel if the attack button was held continuously. Finally, when equipped in the right hand, firing the “WB-0000 Bad Cook” flamethrower while hovering with Tetrapod legs temporarily disabled the effects and hitbox.

The issues mentioned above have been fixed as of version 1.04 of AC6. Other fixes include fixes to the “Return Mission” tutorial text, as it didn’t sufficiently explain the conditions for achieving S-Rank.

Armored Core 6
Armored Core 6

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