Assassin’s Creed Shadows has 15 developer support studios

May 15, 2024 by No Comments

Assassin’s Creed Shadows, led and developed by Ubisoft Quebec, has spawned an impressive 15 other studios over the years.

Official Assassin’s Creed Shadows spotted below Website, which showcases all the developers who worked on the game. Ubisoft Quebec is the main developer, but the supporting studios are:

  • Ubisoft Belgrade
  • Ubisoft Bordeaux
  • Ubisoft Bucharest
  • Ubisoft Chengdu
  • Ubisoft Kyiv
  • Ubisoft Manila
  • Ubisoft Montpellier
  • Ubisoft Montreal
  • Ubisoft Odessa
  • Ubisoft Osaka
  • Ubisoft Pune
  • Ubisoft Shanghai
  • Ubisoft Singapore
  • Ubisoft Sofia
  • Ubisoft Tokyo

While it’s unclear why Assassin’s Creed Shadows needs so many different support studios, it’s likely due to the “anvil pipeline” engine that unifies the Assassin’s Creed series. So perhaps some of the studios working on Hex or one of the many other Assassin’s Creed titles in development had a hand in Shadows.

While this news may not be interesting to some, the total of 16 studios is one of the largest numbers for a Ubisoft title I’ve personally seen. For context, Skull and Bones, another Ubisoft title, had 11 different studios on its development, spanning nearly a decade.

For more on Shadows, check out all editions of the game here. Assassin’s Creed Shadows has been confirmed to release on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S only, making Assassin’s Creed Mirage the last AC title to release on last-gen home consoles.

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