Astro Bot is Asobi’s ‘biggest game ever’ with 150 PlayStation cameos

June 1, 2024 by No Comments

Team Asobi has made it clear that Astro Bot is the company’s biggest game yet, with an ambitious scope that includes cameos from nearly 150 iconic PlayStation characters. Celebrating the PlayStation’s 30th anniversary, Astro Bot is a full-on platformer full of Sony-themed goodness, featuring 80 levels that give players a ‘new experience every 10 minutes or so.’

Astrobot blasting off

On September 6, Astro Bot will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5. While it was one of the most highly anticipated games showcased at the recent State of Play event, it fared poorly elsewhere and didn’t quite hit the mark. community

in A recent interviewTeam Asobi’s Nicolas Doucet talks about Astro Bot at length, revealing just how deep and expansive the game will be:

We wanted to make a big game. It’s really about going up a notch — several notches really — and has Astro’s big story. We call it that Astro Bot Because we consider it a new beginning. It’s a really big game. For us, I think it’s the biggest game we’ve ever done.

While the first Astro title was a free bolt-on that came with the PlayStation 5 console, Astro Bot is a premium release with plenty of content to explore. In some ways, Astro Bot has been touted as a ‘reunion’ of some of the PlayStation’s most iconic characters. With a roster of 150 cameos lined up, it seems impossible to miss the PS-based personality from the past thirty years.

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