Avowed Deep Dive confirms countless details

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Avoid Something Special which was recently revealed to release on November 12. In a recent deep dive into the obsidian-backed RPG, countless details were confirmed, addressing a number of improvements made since the previous reveal and clarifying some key points about the title. Open world, awesome title.

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Avowed is the newest RPG from Obsidian, and that’s basically all you need to know. From the creative minds that gave birth to The Outer Worlds, Fallout: New Vegas is an open-ended, luxurious role-playing title with innovative combat mechanics and incredible depth – especially RPG-based elements such as abilities, dialogue options and characters. Customization.

Recently, this deep-dive was uploaded to YouTube – here’s 25 minutes of excusable content:

In this breakdown, Obsidian confirms that Avowed is a first- and third-person title with nearly endless options for crafting your own story. Includes mixing and matching capabilities on the fly and scrapping your character build to pull out a new one with the push of a button if you so desire. It’s a versatile game that welcomes different playstyles and approaches, some of which may be ‘hidden’, encouraging players to think outside the box.

Because it’s a bona fide Obsidian RPG, the skill trees, companion system, and dialogue menus are full-scale and thought-provoking, truly immersing players in Aoud as they explore the story. It’s a solid title for collectors, with an in-game tier system for loot, and everything is upgradeable and – you guessed it – customizable.

It’s been noted that the title is all but finished and has entered the polishing phase – giving Obsidian a few months to iron out any remaining issues before the game’s October release.

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