Batman: Arkham Shadow is ESRB rated

June 6, 2024 by No Comments

The anticipated new VR game Batman: Arkham Shadow has just arrived New ESRB ratingConfirms some minor details about gameplay and plot.

According to the rating summary, players will “cross the city investigating crime scenes, completing secret missions and fighting enemies.”

It seems to emphasize Batman’s detective side. According to the synopsis, players will encounter thugs and police officers alike, which could indicate the nature of potential undercover missions.

The ESRB also describes the various melee combat and stealth tactics that fans often hail as a highlight of previous Arkham games.

The developer recently revealed Batman: Arkham Shadow with a brief teaser. However, it was purely cinematic and only revealed a few hints. This confirms that Batman: Arkham Shadow is a Meta Quest 3 exclusive title.

Although the ESRB gave Batman: Arkham Shadow a Teen rating, the rating summary noted a cutscene with a “blood-splatter effect”. So, the game could still have an edgier attitude.

It also adds that players will investigate a “mysterious cult that threatens Gotham City.” Whether this refers to the Court of Owls or an actual enemy is unclear. But that seems to reveal a key plot point from the story.

At this time, Batman: Arkham Shadow does not have an exact release date. However, it is expected to launch in late 2024 and the world premiere trailer is coming to this year’s Summer Game Fest.

Summer Game Fest kicks off this week on June 7th and will feature 2 hours of game showcases. This event could be the perfect place to reveal the Batman: Arkham Shadow release date.

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