Battlefield 2042’s player count is higher than ever before

October 15, 2023 by No Comments

For many millions of players in the first-person shooter scene, this weekend was all about the Modern Warfare 3 beta. But, for nearly 100,000 players on PC, the order of the day is Battlefield 2042. Over the past few days, many players have been flooding Battlefield 2042’s servers as EA’s free-to-play weekend has been a dramatic success.

It’s on all platforms, but it shines especially bright on PC. On steam, a 24-hour peak There are about 82,000 players – All-time high 100,000 for a game on a specific platform. Even if it’s only a temporary measure, the battlefield is back – but how soon will that player’s count drop after the weekend?

Strategic thinking

Battlefield no longer competes with Call of Duty, despite EA’s CEO hinting that huge changes are coming to the series in its next iteration.

However, that hasn’t stopped tens of thousands of players from returning to the franchise to see how Battlefield 2042 fared two years after its release to overwhelmingly negative reception. It’s no longer considered the worst Battlefield game in history, and it’s taken a few turns in recent months.

This past free-play weekend, Battlefield 2042 only managed to scrape 35,000 peak players on Steam, so it’s a sign of how things have changed.

Could this effort see thousands of players return after realizing that Battlefield 2042 isn’t so bad anymore?

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