Best Gray Zone Warfare Tips for New Players

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Gray Zone Warfare may seem like a daunting game at first. It features a vast, open world full of danger and a single bullet in unfortunate circumstances can mean instant death. With intense combat mechanics, detailed healing elements, and a challenging approach to quests and tasks, Gray Zone Warfare tough. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide of the best Gray Zone Warfare tips, so you can hit the ground running when you decide to invest in the game.

Top Gray Zone Warfare Tips

Before you embark on expeditions across Lamang and fight all kinds of enemies, both human and AI-driven, check out these gray zone warfare tips.

Identify your competitors

If you wander around Lamang, you’ll notice that it’s hard to distinguish between enemy and friendly faction members. If you happen to get a drop on someone and you’re not sure who they are, press or hold ‘M’ to flash up the map – if there’s no blue square where you see an unidentified player, you’re free to open fire. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to tell who and what you’ll be penalized if you kill friendly faction members.

Set to heal

You’ll need some healing items if you want to survive Lamang’s violent expanse. At a minimum, you should carry bandages to heal basic injuries, painkillers to numb the effects of pain, a splint to mend broken bones, and some type of tourniquet to staunch heavy bleeding. If you’re worried about taking too much damage, you can carry blood packs and survival packs, which can be used in extreme situations to get you back on your feet and fighting fit.

Use your lockbox

Every player gets a ‘lockbox’, those who buy a higher edition of the game get a lockbox with increased capacity. If you die in an attack, anything placed in the lockbox will be safe – so use the space wisely. In the beginning, it’s a good idea to keep some quest items in your lockbox, such as spare ammo, healing items, and markers. Later, you use it to store high-value items like keys, injectors, and task items.

Suit up

One of the best gray zone warfare tips is to always try and bring a full complement of equipment along for the ride. This means you need to tick the following boxes:

  • Helmet
  • Headphones
  • Armored vest or armored rig
  • Tactical Rig (if not Armored Rig)
  • Tactical belt
  • Backpack
  • Healing Elements
  • Spare ammunition
  • Basic weapon
  • Magazines
  • Side arm

Food and water are pretty common in Lamang, and if you run out of ammo, every enemy you kill usually has spare magazines with whatever weapon they’re using, so you can switch weapons until you’re completely dry.

Read carefully

The three starter tasks in Gray Zone Warfare give you the coordinates you need to go to – but that’s where the help ends. From there, almost every other task requires you to guess from the context and read through the mission description to figure out where to go. It’s complicated, so you should pay attention and read every word of your task descriptions – or use the guide you’ll find on Insider Gaming!

Don’t fight every fight

This is one of the best tips for gray zone warfare, but it won’t suit everyone’s play style. If you find yourself in an unwinnable fight, consider turning your tail and getting out of there. If there’s one advantage to the movement mechanics in Gray Zone Warfare, it’s that you can move very quickly, ducking through bushes, ducking over walls, and crashing through doors. If you are more than no. run.

Get your gear

Gray Zone Warfare doesn’t have an ‘insurance’ mechanic, so one of the best tips we can offer is Be your own insurance. If you die, thanks to the game’s continuous operating model, you can go back to where you fell and back up your equipment. Of course, this means you have to fight whoever or whatever kills you, but it’s worth it now that you know the challenge. If someone gets to your body first, you lose everything – so move quickly!

Align with your friends

Before you start playing Gray Zone Warfare, check if you are joining the same faction as your friends. This can have dire consequences as you join the wrong faction Can’t play with your friends. There is currently no option to reset your account or change faction and you will be locked with the wrong faction until the first wipe of the game.

We’ll update this post with more great gray zone warfare tips as they become available.

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