Best Pirate Ship Name Ideas in Sea of ​​Thieves

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Despite my day job as a writer, I have a hard time naming anything. If you ask me the title, I hesitate. But sometimes, inspiration strikes. When it does, you can’t help but fly your flag high and sail the high seas, just like these best pirate ship name ideas in Sea of ​​Thieves!

The best sea of ​​thieves pirate ship names

How do you choose the best pirate ship names in Sea of ​​Thieves? It’s not easy, especially when you want to strike a balance between the fun and the scary. After all, you are sailing the seas for treasure and war!

Here are some Sea of ​​Thieves ship name ideas for you:

The Golden Monkey The Flying Kraken Deathly Fleet The Iron Freaks
The Silver Hunter Reckless Tuna Green Eye A young Dutchman
black pearl Burning Rose Cannon blocker A cursed executioner
Blue Tsunami Laughing Triton Ghostly Storm A dead mammoth
White Wave Drunken Mermaid Flying Dragon Favor of Neptune
A fallen captain A silent siren Drowned Lord Whale Hunter

Here’s a little activity: Grab some paper and a pen, then write down any random word that comes to mind. You can start with a single word or a small cluster and guess that word in the pirate world. For example, bananas. How about a rotten banana? Or a gilded banana?

Have fun choosing a name for your ship!

How to rename your ship in Sea of ​​Thieves

If you want to choose one of the best ship names in Sea of ​​Thieves, you first need to know how to rename your ship.

  • Select Pirate Emporium from the main menu.
  • Open the Captaincy tab
  • Select Ship Rename Deed (Ancient Coin Price)
  • Choose your ship name
  • play

It is important to note that the ship renaming deed requires 499 ancient coins, totaling $5.49 USD.

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