Bethesda Director Explains Why Fallout 5 Is Taking So Long

April 18, 2024 by No Comments

Recently, Emil Pagliarulo, studio design director at Bethesda Game Studios and longtime developer of the Fallout series, took to social media to explain why Fallout 5 is still a long way off. It’s not an in-depth explanation, but it’s a tip for fans who have been hungry for more Fallout experiences since the TV show was released to such overwhelmingly positive reception.

It’s all about time

First, Pagliarulo explained that Starfield took a long time to develop because the team at Bethesda Game Studios was busy updating and developing technology — and took time to work on Fallout 76 for a while. That note didn’t fill me with confidence because of how empty Starfield felt – and still feels.

On the subject of Fallout 5, Pagliaru said:

At the end of the day, though, it always comes down to the most important resource of all – people. Like any dev team, we have talented people who need time to create amazing stuff. So we can’t do everything at once.

That’s it – it all depends on time and resources. Before Bethesda Game Studios can develop Fallout 5, it needs to complete Starfield – which means publishing everything lined up for the game that fans have been waiting for – like Shattered Space. Next the team will have to work on Elder Scrolls 6, which was teased years ago and hasn’t had any updates since.

Then Bethesda Game Studios may finally start working on Fallout 5 as we know it There is It will come but may not come until 2030 At least.

However, we’ve got Fallout 76 to tide us over until then.

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