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Biogen Kept me on good pace during his demo. I was concerned about the silliness of the story, and about being inside the dog as a vaccine, passing through its bladder and anal cavity, going as a colony and a city. Now that I’m playing another bullet version, I feel like whatever they put into this canine, and this game, both suffer equally because of it. There is still time to treat Biogen’s disease. The game is still in early access. I think a lot needs to be done.

Let me start with the obvious. I know it’s Metroidvania. I know you’ll visit places, and won’t fully navigate those places without powering up or upgrading to do so. I know that facing a mini-boss is probably not the best choice if you only have the same weapon you started with, but I can’t escape the fact that the game isn’t hard in the sense of being hard, it’s Difficult in terms of basic gaming. The mechanics that are supposed to work in this game just aren’t working. Absolutely. ever Do not play this game now. It is not ready.

Most frustrating are the game’s constant stutters. Even on lower settings, the game doesn’t respond to inputs. In a game like this, platforming is a staple, and it gets old very quickly and a platform that you could easily jump over disappears. This is not a shader issue. It’s random. It does it whenever it wants. Sometimes this causes you to fall into pink goo, which doesn’t kill you, but regenerates you through the entrance. This also happens when your enemy or mini-boss jumps a lot, and you have to fiddle with ancient times. Because if you don’t, other, more frustrating things happen.

In some games, if you get hit, you get 2-3 seconds of invulnerability, to recalibrate. To make the game a bit more fair. In Biogun, it seems to be shorter than that, if not at all, and don’t get stuck in a corner with an enemy or boss. You can also leave it out. I don’t know if this was done to eliminate difficulty, or if it’s something they’re still working on, but it’s very passive, and takes me back to trying not to break my controller. goes If you die, you respawn in a safe location.

Just save points to do many things. You can equip perks, or chips, to enhance your suit. You can only chip one at a time, so trust me. Just use the first one you find. Don’t worry about others either. And don’t waste your money on a glass cannon. The glass cannon is where you do a lot of damage, but take a lot of damage. Why that mechanic is still a video game trope is beyond me. You can also add life or meter if you collect every 4 ions (I think). And yes, some safe points are hidden. And I’m not talking like hiding behind a wall, or being found out. I’m talking in the shop, behind the items, where you think you can’t go. Why?

Enemies are everywhere. Everything can kill you.. small enemies, big enemies. Pop-up mini bosses. Level owners. grass Super grass. Everything together. For every enemy you kill, you get in-game currency, which you can use in a few of the more distant shops mentioned earlier. You also get treasure chests and rewards for killing mini-bosses, and level bosses. You also sometimes get paid to perform tasks, which are necessary, because you don’t want to go through the game without a reward for completing them. And most of those tasks are “go get this new mechanic, so you can get to that next point”. Also, I won’t laugh at you at all, if you run into a boss you just can’t beat, because you don’t have the right weapon, or the game is stuttering. Just come back later. You’re going anyway. And use fast travel whenever and wherever you can.

Yes, there is a map, and yes, you can unlock certain aspects of the map by getting Synapses, and using them to fill in the map. Yes, there is a way to refill your life if you have enough in your syringe to do so. You fill it up by destroying enemies, and yes, you can use it to superpower your weapons. There is an improved version of this powerful gun, but it sure doesn’t look like it. Like the Hollow Knight you have to be silent while you recharge your HP, but there is a chip you can equip to bypass it. Also, I said it’s a twin-stick shooter, and it is, but you still have to pull the trigger, and jump, and glide, and dodge, and snap fingers.

Last, but certainly not least, if I go from my PC to my ROG ally, my progress won’t be lost. I tried it on several different games to make sure it wasn’t on my end, but it wasn’t. Growth won’t just stop. And good luck trying to cloud stream it from your computer to another Steam-connected device. The button lag is pretty bad, probably not a fault in the game, but I thought I should say something anyway.

It took me a while to preview this, because I found it. Biogen is in early access, and will have hotfixes, and updates, and the like, but as mentioned before, the game feels like it’s been hit with its own duper virus. I’m glad the Gaming Nexus preview doesn’t score, because at this stage of Biogen’s development, the score won’t be pretty. With all that said, the dog you name is better off in someone else’s hands. This game is not yet ready to adopt you. Wait until it’s older and more secure. Then give it a shot. as a vaccine.

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