Biomorph: Become your enemies to defeat them.

June 7, 2024 by No Comments

some time ago, Lucid Dream Studio Asked me to check out a Metroidvania call Biomorph. It was released for Steam in April, and is coming to everything else in Q3/4. As these games go, you go through, find things, kill things, go back with new powers gained from killing things, access new areas, die a lot, map. Checks a billion times, and repeats. Biomorph, however, puts a slight twist on the formula, and is unique enough to have its own lane.

The story develops, but is easy to follow. You are a character named Harlow. You have two other characters on your arms that you will use for the majority of the game. Your planet was invaded by an extraterrestrial species, leaving you in a state of stagnation. When you wake up, you don’t remember how you got here. You find yourself unlocking memories, and meeting new allies, in a quest to discover not just who you are, but who they are, why they’re here, and how you can get them and their spaceships back from the center. Going out. .

The game pulls you in and forces you to do the necessary things to navigate. Run, jump, slide, and finally melee attacks. Later in the game, you discover that not only can you kill your enemies, but some of them can be transformed. Once you defeat an enemy, you can use that enemy to jump through walls, over spikes, hit switches, and of course defeat other enemies. The good thing is that if you capture an enemy enough, you can equip it, and they can become enemies whenever you want. Do you want to fight the boss? You can if the enemy you’re using has projectiles and ranged attacks. It’s a switch on the fly, so you can have up to three enemies at any time. Once you reach the threshold, you have full access to their options. They know you can do it, and they start learning from your patterns and mistakes. So be aware of that. You can’t shape any of the blue enemies you defeat, so just smash those idiots.

You can only equip enemies at save points or save points. At these safe points, you can equip your learned forms as well as any new weapons, and perks (chips). The only one we had at the time was doing damage as we took it. You also need the right amount of points to equip multiple chips. As you progress you’ll get these chips and perks, as well as any enemies you want to adapt to. Your character also gets new ranged weapons and melee weapons, so be sure to visit these safe points often. At any time, you can return to a safe location from the pause menu, and if you upgrade it to SAFET, you can fast travel between them! Every time you go to a safe place, your life is replenished.

As you find new friends, these friends need your help too. You have a main mission, which will lead you to complete the game, and side missions, to give you new weapons and perks. All of these are indicated and accessible on your map, which you can check with the click of a button. The map also shows you if the room has been cleared, indicated by a gold border. You can also rebuild your city and upgrade your map by building tracking stations. These stations show you where everyone else is, and within levels, you’ll find stations to upgrade your map. The game wants you to win, but not so easily.

Platforming, and enemies scattered all over the place. There are rooms until you can survive by defeating each of them. There are also mini-bosses, possibly holding an item that a sidequest character needs. Overall, the game is a good play through of a more accessible side-scrolling adventure. It is very easy to pick up, and very easy to think. I must say I am having a great time with it. I don’t usually talk about prices, but for $20, this is a pretty good game. Add it to your collection. It’s pretty straight forward. Check out the images and preview stream below. There’s even a demo available, if you don’t believe me.

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