Blockbuster Inc. Review – A new era in cinema

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As I await the premiere of my first film, I wonder if I have made the right decisions. Will “org for romance” really be a hit to make my studio successful? A general audience romance centered around pirates might not sound like much, but it resonated with the sets I built and the actors I cast. So I waited for the results, and, much to my surprise, it was in the middle of the pack, and my low-budget debut netted $300,000 for “Just Go With It Films.” I am happy but know there is more work to do to become the best production studio around.

The usual vibes you get from Blockbuster Inc, new A movie sim game From developer Super Sly Fox and publisher Ancient Forge.

You start with an empty plot at Filmwood with dreams of becoming the next big production company. The game is inspired by other management sims like Game Dev Tycoon, but there’s a lot more depth here than most people would expect going in.

You have to manage everything in this game. And when I say everything, I mean everything. From your staff’s schedule to where they live to the quality of food you serve them, it’s not just acting and set design that makes a successful studio.

And while it may seem a bit overwhelming, it’s done in a way that never feels overwhelming. Everything is organized and easily accessible, and while decisions need to be made on things like housing and food, you’ll get lost in the weeds. This is often a simple menu option.

Where the greatest depth comes is with the film and show-creating process. You know, the whole point of Blockbuster Inc..

Behind the camera at Blockbuster Inc.

Creating a movie or show is a fairly simple process with the level of depth you’d expect based on everything else in the game. To get started, you name your product and choose a type, budget size, style, theme, and age focus. From there, you’ll need to choose your producer, director, writers, and actors, and decide how much or how little of the various elements will be in the movie. Want a comedy about vampires? You can do it. What about a medieval action movie? That’s not a problem.

Once you’ve finalized the basic information, it’s time to choose your sets and direct your scenes. Speaking of sets, you can use pre-made ones, build your own for your lot, or use the Steam Workshop to download sets from other players.

With the sets you’ve chosen, directing your scene comes down to choosing the animations you want to use, the actors involved – you can have up to three in the film – any special effects, costumes and camera positions. As you spend years and ages, you can unlock better equipment to improve the quality of your production during filming and in post-production. This is a good progression that will see you making better products every time.

However, here is the real kicker of the process. Complete video editing. After shooting your scenes, you need to cut, clip, and move the scenes to how you want to make your movie. You can also add sound effects to increase the overall quality. When you’re done, you can save your movies to your PC to watch them again whenever you want.

After a movie comes out, you get reviews and feedback not just for the movie as a whole but for every single scene. You’ll also learn how different actors work together and if the style you choose is a strong suit for your writers and producers. All to help you make better decisions moving forward.

Just like in real life, every year there is an annual award show that helps your studio and actors increase notoriety and revenue while you take home the gold.

Expect the unexpected

Of course, there is a dark side to running a studio. Not only will you keep your employees and actors happy, but you’ll also be eager to poach your talent as rival studios become more popular.

You can lie to your employees about being sick because they are interviewing with another studio. Another throws a tantrum and threatens to quit mid-production. How you handle each situation goes a long way to the respect you earn from your staff and competing studios.

There are also situations that you don’t expect. One such instance was when I started making my first film, my lead actor decided to go out and celebrate. Everything was fine, but he got into a drunk driving accident and had to have plastic surgery to fix his face. That would cost my little studio $15,000, I wouldn’t drop on something like this that I could get away with. So, I told him and his family that I wasn’t going to pay for it, leaving him “disabled”. He got labeled “ugly” and eventually became a problem where I had to fire him. It was a completely unexpected sight that shook me.

Now, I have a few minor issues with the limitations, specifically with the set design and animations you can choose from when making movies. I think some movies have plenty of animations and while some have slim pickings there are elements to choose from. It makes you feel like you should always go for certain themes and genres to get the best experience while making your show or movie. I think this will be added in future updates, but, for now, it’s just my little nitpick.

I wish editing animations and camera work were more open. I felt that some of the scenes were less controlled than I would have liked. Finally, buying and unlocking new equipment while you play feels really easy. Maybe it’s by design, but it feels like there’s no real challenge in getting better cameras, mics, lighting and more.

Overall, Blockbuster Inc. is what you want from a spiritual successor to a classic game like The Movies. It’s clear that the team at Super Sly Fox are passionate about what they’ve built. The freedom to do whatever you want with your movies and shows will keep everyone coming back weeks and months after their first game. And all the added depth surrounding the movies are just bonuses to an already fun game.

Blockbuster Inc. with code provided by publisher. Reviewed on PC. For more on Insider Gaming’s reviews, view our full review process.

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