Bobby Kotick is strongly hinting at a revival of the iconic Guitar Hero franchise

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  • Activision-Blizzard recently held an all-hands meeting to discuss the future of the company, where CEO Bobby Kotick strongly hinted at the potential revival of Guitar Hero.
  • He also discussed how future gaming technology will soon allow the company to do things it has never been able to achieve.
  • Interestingly, the issue of using Neuralink or something similar to control games on a screen without a controller was also discussed at the meeting.

Activision-Blizzard recently held a meeting with company staff to discuss several topics, some of which seem quite interesting (thanks, Windows Central). Bobby Kotick Mentioned how future gaming technology will be crucial to allowing the company to do things it hasn’t done before, and said Microsoft can help research future games. One potential series for this would be Guitar Hero, as hinted by Kotick.

For those who are unaware, Guitar hero Was at one point one of the biggest video game franchises. Harmonix and RedOctane created it, but Activision acquired the rights to the IP in 2006, which will now be transferred to Microsoft after the purchase. The series has been dormant since 2015, and this meeting hints at a potential revival with the help of future gaming technology.

The topic of machine learning and artificial intelligence was discussed at the meeting, and it looks like the company may use it for some franchises. Kotick stated, “The ability to take advantage of their AI and machine learning capability, the data analysis, new ways of thinking about graphics – I just see limitless potential for what we’re doing.“The mention of Guitar Hero came up in this context, hinting that it could be brought to life with future technology.

The resurgence of Guitar Hero and other things would not have been possible without the various types of resources. And so, you know, just the endless possibilities for the future are just incredibly exciting,” says Bobby Kotick.

At the meeting, a number of topics concerning the future of the company were discussed, emphasizing the research and development side and how Microsoft will offer massive support in this aspect. Bobby Kotick first expanded on the potential of new technology, particularly artificial intelligence and machine learning. He also talked about how the increase in graphical quality means that even more writing and acting talent will be required to satisfy players.

Kotick then compared video games to film and television, and elaborated on the differences between the two regarding the emotional connection between the game and the audience. The characters need facial animation and mouth movements that accurately and realistically represent their emotions. he said, “You will have a new dimension of emotional connection that we haven’t had yet dominates

One of the most interesting ways we can imagine playing the game with future capabilities is with Neuralink, which was mentioned in the meeting. Kotick discussed using Neuralink or something similar to interact with video games instead of a controller in the future. How this will translate is still unclear, but it does open up many creative opportunities.

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Guitar Hero was first released in 2005 and gained fame within a few years. However, poor sales of Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero in 2009 led to the series’ downfall. Activision announced a hiatus for the series in 2011 and released Guitar Hero Live in October 2015. It was considered a reboot of the series but has yet to live up to expectations. The developer studio, FreeStyleGames, then suffered layoffs and was soon sold to Ubisoft.

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