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There are sports that I enjoy, and there are sports that I love. Then on occasion there are live service games which i Take it home END About once every four or five years, I let myself fall into a sort of hypnotized love affair with the game, to the point where I think about it day and night. I play this game a lot, for a long time. I research online the best ways to optimize my time. I make spreadsheets. I wake up in the middle of the night, get out of bed, and go play, because as soon as the idea of ​​a game pops into my head, I know I’m not going to go back to sleep. And eventually, after a few months, I come to my senses and leave.

The list of these games is short, but distinguished. Everquest, World of Warcraft, DC Universe Online, Red Dead Online, Fallout 76, and now Skull and Bones. And while I’m not quite ready to walk away from Skull and Bones, I can tell the time is drawing near. I’ve almost achieved my “perfect” build, and once it’s done there won’t be any more worlds to conquer.

I say “almost done”, because there are still some elements I’m working towards. But at this point, I feel like the ship I’ve put together is pretty high-end (at least until Skull and Bones drops next season). I’ve spent a lot of time collecting the materials and currencies needed to get there, and I thought I’d share my current build as a way to celebrate my achievements so far in the game. Skull & Bones is definitely my most played game of this young year, given the game’s warm reception (haters haters) and a long list of other esteemed banners coming in the first three months of 2024. The view is amazing. But hey, you never know what’s going to grab you and not let go, and this year for me it’s the Pirates game.

So, without further ado, here’s what I’m currently rocking in my current build:

Ship: Hullbreaker Brigantine

My first major project at Skull and Bones after the first round of getting to know you was getting the plans and materials to build a brigantine. This ship’s ballbuster is capable of ramming other ships and causing massive damage from flooding. I am able to kamikaze any ship up to level 4 (and sometimes level 5) and watch them explode from their impact on my ship. It is extremely satisfying.

You can get about 16,000 silver plans for the brigantine from the corrupt DMC officer at the ruined lighthouse base in the East Indies. Getting the materials to build the ship is another matter. Once you have a plan, use the game’s handy-dandy in-game guide to find out where to get some rare items. I’m afraid I had to resort to grinding some levels in the current battle pass to get the torsion springs – although I’ve got them out of my ears now, I was pretty weak at that point in the game. Get them some other way.

Armor: Black Prince

For armor I’m using the Black Prince, which can be bought from the Helm Black Market for 450 sovereigns. There’s no way around it – you have to engage in the endgame Pieces of Eight Grind Festival to get Sovereigns, which are awarded for completing eight activity pieces. In addition to having a strong weapon, the Black Prince has a perk called “Resolute”, which reduces damage taken by 50% when your HP drops below 33%. Basically, if you’re dying, it’s twice as hard to push you across that line.

Black Prince isn’t my end-all-be-endgame armor, though. I’m currently grinding my way through endless sea monster battles to earn enough teeth to buy the Ouroboros armor. This coach can be purchased from the homie at the Lanetra outpost for the low cost of 50 teeth for the project (and four more teeth for crafting). I can solo Zamaharibu easily, but he’ll only spawn once per day for each player, and he’ll only drop two to four teeth every time you take him down, so it’s slow. I should have my Ouroboros in mid-April.

Bow: Scurlock’s long nines

On the bow I’m rocking Scurlock’s Long Nines, a set of canons that have the longest range in the game. Although they only deal mid-range base damage, they have some great perks that make them worth seeking out. Tarring II deals an extra 50% damage when a sail is hit, and Mast Breaker deals 7000 damage after applying Torn Sails, so it makes for a nice one-two punch. Piercing III adds 30% damage as piercing damage, and increases damage to weak points by 100%. So yes, I can often take out enemies before they even get within range to shoot back.

To get Scurlock’s Long Nines, you’ll have to fully engage with the helm supply/crafting loop, which will cost you quite a bit of silver and a few thousand pieces of eight. You’ve basically spent several thousand pieces of eight to raise your helm rating to the point where you can craft a Gold Skull Rim – which costs two White Skull Rims to craft. Cannons cost 1000 Gold Skull Rum, so you need to get enough Sugarcane to make 2000 White Skull Rum, then use it to make Gold Skull Rum. It’s a project, but the cannons are worth it in the end.

Starboard: Legacy of Mercy

On the starboard side of my ship, I’ve got Legacy of Mercy, the best torpedo in the game. I’ve seen many people put a torpedo on the stern of their ship, which would be a huge mistake in this case. From the stern you only have to fire two torpedoes, but from this side you can fire four at once. Rahma’s Legacy has a perk called Cataclysmic, which deals increased damage for each hit simultaneously. Four torpedoes = a huge amount of damage, if you can land them all.

Rahma’s Legacy is basically the same as Rahma’s Scurlock’s Long Nines, except you have to pay in Black Lotus Opium, which can only be made by spending two Blue Lotus Opium. It’s basically the same grind, and I recommend going after both Rahma’s and Scurlock’s weapons at the same time. Take as many poppies as you can while collecting sugar cane, and continue production at both main bases until you have enough of each currency.

Port: Zamzam III

On the port side, I’m rocking the Zamzam III, which are short-range cannons that set everything on fire for 20% extra damage as burn damage. I found a blueprint for 2800 pieces of eight at St Anne Black Market. Crafting these requires Wyrm’s Breath and a Precision Drilling Bit, which can be difficult to obtain. Fortunately, I had both warehouses, so I was able to build them quickly and easily.

Stern: Carronade

On the stern I have carronades, which I got from grinding the smuggler’s pass. They’re good rules, and I’m seriously considering replacing them with Zamzam, just because they have longer range. They have two perks – Flood 1, which adds 10% damage as flood damage, and Riptide, which adds 50% damage as critical damage when the target is flooded. Carronades aren’t particularly flashy, but they pack a hell of a punch.

Auxiliary: Mortar III

For my support weapon, I’m currently using the Mortar III while I save up to get the plans for the Leopold III. Both weapons are capable of massive damage within a wide range, but the Leopold III’s stats are ever so high. Either way, I’m mainly using them when I’m looting bases. Done right, you can drop mortars on several incoming ships at once, which often saves you the hassle of fighting. It’s also fantastic for taking down towers.

Furniture: Rope Locker

The last thing I want to mention is my Rope Locker, which I’m using as my large piece of furniture. When you activate trim at full stamina, it gives a huge boost to acceleration. I don’t know if I’ll ever give it up, frankly, because it’s incredibly useful for dodging incoming mortars and rockets. As soon as the red circle appears on your ship, simply trim sails and get your boat just out of the line of fire.

My other furniture is less important, though I should probably call the Maintenance Forge, which repairs major damage while out of combat. It saves me endless trips to the port to repair that pesky red damage you pick up in battle, because it goes away quickly as I happily float away. Well worth a shot if you haven’t tried it.

And that’s it for my current build. I’d estimate that I’ve probably spent about 40 hours or so happily putting it together, and as I noted, I’m not done yet. I’m having a blast with Skull and Bones, and I’m sure many others out there are doing the same. I didn’t know how many level 12 ships there were in the wild, but as soon as I hit 12, the game started loading me into servers with other people of the same level, and it seems like there are quite a few.

Although I’m going away for a while after I finish my final build, I’ll definitely be checking out Skull and Bones again when next season is over. This game is deeper and more fun than a lot of people give it credit for. I’ve been playing pirates, especially now that I can easily blow most enemies out of the water. The more I play, the more I love it, which means I’ll have to stop soon. Addiction is real, people.

Skull and Bones is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. There’s almost always a free trial that lets you play the first eight hours and further your progress if you decide to buy the full game.

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