Bungie has announced that Destiny 2, codenamed Frontiers, is coming in 2025

June 10, 2024 by No Comments

A new release from Bungie “Journey Ahead” trailer Today, it announced that Destiny 2, codenamed Frontiers, will arrive in 2025.

The trailer does not confirm the exact release date for Frontiers. Instead, it teases that “the journey continues.” So, today remains the biggest reveal in year 11.

However, the new Destiny 2 trailer also reveals new footage for the Year 10 episodes. These include Echoes, Revenant and Heresy.

Bungie showcased gameplay and concept art along with the developer’s story. However, it added a disclaimer that most of the footage is a work in progress and is still subject to change.

After months of delays, Bungie finally released Destiny 2’s The Final Shape DLC last week. It’s the epic finale to the saga of Light and Darkness, the culmination of years of stories.

Surprisingly, Sony itself leaked The Final Shape content in advance, including the entire campaign.

The Final Shape DLC eventually garnered good ratings and currently holds a user score of 7.2 on Metacritic. It adds new collectibles, weapons, story and more.

Recent rumors from April 2024 suggest that Bungie may be working on a Destiny 3 codenamed Payback.

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