Call of Duty Announces Cheech and Chong Crossover Bundle

April 17, 2024 by No Comments

Activision has unveiled a brand new Call of Duty crossover featuring Cheech and Chong. The new Cheech and Chong Tracer Pack is coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone on April 20th (get it?).

“Forged in a counterculture revolution, but armed with drive and creative energy, Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin turn cultural clash into comedic triumph,” Activision said. “Confronting systemic barriers with humor and marijuana, the duo harnessed adversity to bring underground voices into the mainstream.”

The bundle includes skins for both Cheech and Chong, both fully voiced by Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong respectively. Also included are:

  • MTZ-556 Weapon Blueprint: Dankest
  • HRM-9 Weapon Blueprint: Hashassin
  • Haymaker Weapon Blueprint: Melo and Melo
  • The finishing move: secondhand smoke
  • Weapon Sticker: Smoke Buds
  • Weapon Charm: Iconic
  • Weapon Charm: Cheech & Chong’s Seltzer
  • Large decal: Be mellow
  • Large decal: Cheech & Chong
  • Loading screen: Blunt Buddies

You can check out the trailer for the bundle below and revel in legendary 4/20 style. The price of the bundle is estimated at 3,000 CoD points.

What do you think of Cheech and Chong in Call of Duty in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone? For more Insider Gaming, check out every game shown at Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase on April 17.

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