Call of Duty Black Ops 6 is slated to release on October 25

May 17, 2024 by No Comments

According to a new report Via The VergeActivision is currently targeting a late October release for Black Ops 6, the anticipated installment of Call of Duty.

October 17 is considered mid-October. Given The Verge’s claims referring to “late October,” this suggests that Black Ops 6 is likely to drop on October 25, 2024. Insider Gaming supported this date New tweet From yesterday:

Today, the Wall Street Journal also reported that Microsoft plans to release a Call of Duty game on Game Pass this year. Microsoft will release “the upcoming installment of Call of Duty to its subscription service in lieu of a long-standing, profitable policy of selling it only a la carte,” the report said.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Sarah Bond has already confirmed that every first party game, including Call of Duty, will launch on Game Pass.

There were also reports from dataminers earlier this month suggesting that the Black Ops 6 reveal would come this month. Datamined Call of Duty 2024 blueprint reveals “SALLY 6” in tallies, hinting at a major announcement likely coming soon.

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