Call of Duty League, Activision Reach New Revenue Deal

April 16, 2024 by No Comments

Call of Duty League and Activision have teams and players A new revenue agreement was signed. This new contract allows players and teams to generate more revenue while adding guarantees.

“As the popularity of the Call of Duty League continues to grow, this past season we saw the highest viewership in history and record attendance at our individual events, we are redoubling efforts on the business side to ensure the success and longevity of competitive Call of Duty,” said Call of Duty Esports GM Daniel Say said.

“For most of the year, we have been working with team owners on a new approach to mutual success. Today, I’m excited to share details from our updated team deal structure to help secure the longevity of competitive Call of Duty.

As part of the new deal, all outstanding entry fees are being waived and refunds will be made to teams that have paid. In addition to the fees, teams will receive “increased revenue tied to the sale of their in-game merchandise” as well as champs bundles, increased subsidy amounts for hosting individual events and a two-year minimum revenue guarantee.

“Our teams have a huge role to play in shaping that future, and by further investing them with these changes, we hope to continue to drive CDL forward,” said Say.

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