Can XDefiant search and destroy? – Answered

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When a major first-person shooter is on the market, you’ll find the community divided into their favorite game modes. For many, this is a hardcore team deathmatch. For others, it’s search and destroy. But can XDefiant search and destroy?

Can you play Search and Destroy in XDefiant?

Unfortunately, at least not yet, there is no search and destroy in XDefiant. It’s not the studio’s priority, but they’ve stated on social media that they want to launch the popular game mode sometime after release.

XDefiant Executive Producer Mark Rubin said:

So, SnD is on schedule but very much on the road. We’ve made it a priority to get it as fast as possible, but it still won’t be available at launch. That being said, we would love to explore something similar to what you suggested in the future.

His statement was in response to someone asking about maps designed specifically with search and destroy in mind.

Furthermore, Rubin mentioned that Search and Destroy was one of their most requested game modes during the beta, so they are shooting for Season 1 or Season 2.

What game modes does XDefiant have?

At launch, XDefiant will still feature several highly competitive and fan-favorite game modes, including:

  • dominance: Control three zones on the map to score.
  • Occupy: Control a single zone that moves around the map to score.
  • Hotshot: Collect dog tags from dead players to score.
  • Escort: Attackers attack a target at one end of the map while defenders stop them.
  • Zone control: Attackers capture zones in a linear path across the map while defenders hold them off.

Overall, this is your typical fare from competitive first-person shooters. You should be familiar with most if not all of these game modes!

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