Children of the Sun Review

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Children of the Sun is a very unique game. It is a puzzle game, but also a shooting/action game. The puzzle aspect comes from completing each level with only one bullet. It’s a very simple concept and it works very well, especially for the story the game is telling. While Children of the Sun is on the short side, it starts out pretty easy and gets harder over time, and it’s a lot of fun.

You play as a nameless young girl on a quest for revenge against a cult that killed a loved one, and you don’t get much else in terms of story. Much of the story itself is told through the gameplay as you go through level after level, killing cult members with a single shot from a sniper. Every few levels or so you get some short story scenes, mainly in the form of still images, but they’re few and far between and go by so quickly that it’s hard to understand what’s going on. . The catch with this game is that you only get one shot to kill everyone in the level, as your character has telekinetic powers and can control the trajectory of the bullet. If you hit an enemy, the bullet will stop and you can then fire your next bullet. Think of it as drawing a straight line to different targets on the map. If you miss and the bullet hits a non-target, you fail and have to start over.

During the game, you get new abilities including the ability to change the speed of the bullet, change the direction of the bullet and accelerate the bullet. All of these abilities will become crucial to completing the levels, as they will begin to introduce enemies that have shields, or enemies in moving vehicles and heavy weapons that can only be hit with a quick shot from a certain distance. can go. You’ll start the level in places like a motel or a city street, meaning enemies can be hidden inside buildings or behind cars and buildings on the other side of the map. Some of these levels took me a few times to complete but never felt like they were impossible to finish. Usually I spend a few turns shooting around the map looking for all the enemies. Thankfully, you can tag enemies when you meet them and they’ll stay tagged even if you fail a level and have to start over. That is, until the final stretch of the game.

The difficulty increases in the final levels, as this is when they start introducing enemies that float in the air and have a protective bubble around them. You have to shoot the bubble first and then you have to change the direction of the bullet to hit the enemy while the bubble is down. The difficulty arises from the fact that you have very little time to do this. For most games you can take your time planning shots or routes. With bubble enemies if you don’t kill them immediately, the bubble goes back and usually means you just want to start over because you wasted a charge to be able to spin the bullet. What did This is when the game gets into a bit of frustrating territory, especially if you get to those last few enemies but then have to redo the whole thing because you didn’t bubble one of the enemies in time. could kill That said, the game was never really fun for me and the game finally provides enough variety with enemies and abilities that it doesn’t feel like it gets stale.

It should be noted that this game is very short and only took me about four hours to complete. That said, I think there’s a lot of replayability here. Each level has its own leaderboard and you can compare your score with other people who have played the game. You can find easier ways to finish the level, but you really want to focus on completing each level as quickly as possible, in the fastest way possible, as well as by killing other objects such as gas tanks or birds. Wanting to maximize points while multi-kills and headshots weren’t even near the top of my score leaderboard. It will also be interesting to see if the speedrunning community takes to this game, as I can easily see it being fun to play the game over and over to find those fastest routes and Strips can be searched.

Children of the Sun is a very unique game that I think works very well despite its short length. I love the atmosphere, the art style, and the gameplay itself and can see myself playing it more and trying to beat my high score. I wish the story had a little more depth, and I wish it had more layers because there’s so much potential here in terms of what you can do with this concept. That said, I don’t think you can go wrong with Children of the Sun if you were looking for a different kind of puzzle game to play.

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