Cillian Murphy won’t be in Far Cry 7, says original leaker

April 21, 2024 by No Comments

Following yesterday’s headlines, the original leaker, who tweeted a picture of Cillian Murphy and several others, said the actor would not be appearing in Far Cry 7.

In an update from @xj0nathan, took 12 hours to explain the news following his original tweet, which he said, “Look, I never said Cillian Murphy would be at the game. Image means something else.”

Insider Gaming reported in January 2023 that a new mainline Far Cry game was in development under Project Blackbird, as well as a multiplayer title titled Project Maverick.

In September 2023, Insider Gaming exclusively reported that Far Cry 7 will be slightly different from its predecessor. The game is based on a wealthy family that is kidnapped by a conspiracy group now known as the ‘Sons of Truth’. Your mission as one of the family members is to save your entire family within 72 hours (24 hours real time).

It turns out Jonathan was referring to the timer in his original tweet, but for the rest, you’ll have to unleash your inner Batman and solve the puzzle.

You can read our report on Far Cry 7 story details here.

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