Concorde hit with an overwhelmingly negative response after the reveal

May 31, 2024 by No Comments

Concorde debuts at Sony’s PlayStation Play State Sony and developer Firewalk weren’t as well-received as they had hoped. Within hours of Concorde’s first trailer and gameplay reveal, the game was hit with an overwhelmingly negative response from gamers.

As of publishing, Concorde’s cinematic reveal trailer has a 76.99% negative rating, while its gameplay trailer has an 82.39% dislike rate. And comments from fans weren’t much better, with Concord being banned for a number of things, from looking like another Overwatch clone to “lacking soul.”

“The cutscene sold me on an adventure,” said one commenter. “The next words out of the developer’s mouth are 5v5 FPS.”

Another said, “It’s like Guardians of the Galaxy meets Suicide Squad meets Overwatch.”

Concorde is a 5v5 hero shooter set in the new Concorde galaxy. The game sees players controlling one of several “Freegunners”, each with different abilities.

“Freegunners roam the stars taking on high-level jobs on worlds across wild space, where they face off against other fiercely competitive Freegunner crews,” said game director Ryan Ellis. “Match-to-match, you’ll form your team of Freegunners with other players and battle opposing crews to take home the reward on a variety of maps and modes.”

He added: “Our core gunplay feels familiar to shooter fans, with the versatility and diversity of each freegunner and their abilities always being more than just aiming and thumbskill.”

The game will launch on August 23, 2024 for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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