Content warning 2.2 million copies sold, console release probably coming

June 3, 2024 by No Comments

in A new post On Twitter/X, Landfall Games announced that its horror indie hit Content Warning has now sold 2.2 million copies.

The post further explains that this means “over 8.8 million players” own the game on Steam. The development also claims that 6.6 million people claimed the game for free over 24 hours.

In follow-up posts from the same thread, the devs also tease a potential console release. Two different fans are hoping for a console release in the thread. Then, Landfall’s account was quick to say “never say never!” And the eyes emoji for every fan.

Landfall’s tweets do not confirm that a console release is on the way. The developers did not give an exact confirmation. But today’s posts suggest that the devs may at least be interested in console ports.

It’s unclear when the ports will arrive and which platforms Landfall will target. Content Alert was launched only in April 2024 and quickly became successful.

It still has “Very Positive” ratings on Steam and has gone somewhat viral. Many have praised its cooperative mechanics and approach to horror.

The gameplay is also reminiscent of Lethal Company from late 2023. Some recent Fortnite leaks have teased that a Lethal Company crossover could be on the way.

Fans know Landfall Games best for its completely accurate war simulator. TABS only released its last content update last January.

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