Counter-Strike 2 review – a game that undermines Valve’s reputation

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Counter-Strike 2 review

  • Story and setting
  • Playfulness
  • Visuals and performance


Counter-Strike 2 steps boldly into the competitive scene, but undercooked features and performance issues hold it back from true greatness.

  • key: Insomnia games
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • release date: October 20, 2023
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5
  • Tested in: PlayStation 5


  • Traditional CS experience
  • Improved graphics
  • New smoke mechanic
  • Better weapon designs


  • Maps are missing
  • Missing modes
  • Stuttering game
  • Buggy animations

After years of rumors and speculation, counter attack finally entered a new era with the release of Counter-Strike 2 based on Source 2The latest iteration of of a valve Engine.

While the update introduced exciting new gameplay elements and polished graphics, it also left many players confused and worried about the disappearance of beloved features and unexpected changes. Let’s dive into the whirlwind of reactions and explore the impact of its launch with ours Counter-Strike 2 Review.

Story and setting

Main Menu. (Photo by eXputer)

Counter-Strike 2 It is, in essence, an improved version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ported to a brand new game engine. Like its previous iterations, it thrives on the thrill of intense firefighting scenarios. Players take on the roles of counter-terrorists (often referred to as CTs) or terrorists.

The core focus of each game usually revolves around objectives such as defusing bombs, rescuing hostages or eliminating the opposing team. Despite standing on the shoulders of the juggernaut he was CS: GoThe variety of game modes is quite lacking.

Arms Race, Demolition, Flying Scotsman, Return Trips, and Danger Zone, which were relatively less competitively nerve-wracking, were completely removed, leaving much of the community appalled.

The only modes available at launch are 5v5 competitive20v20 casual, and death game Arms race, demolition, Flying Scotsman, Repeat photoand danger zonewhich were relatively less nerve wracking competitively, were completely removed and left a large part of the community shocked.

There is also you Prime Minister mode but it’s actually the 5v5 competitive A mode with a separate ranking system and the added twist of selectively removing maps based on team voting until one is left.

Wingman map pool
Wingman map pool. (Image credit: eXputer)

The competitive map pool is still packed with iconic maps like Dust 2, Overpass, Vertigo, Ancient, Inferno, Nuke, Anubis and Office. But, many maps were removed from the Wingman mode, leaving him with only 4. Alternately, the game is incompatible with the old workshop maps, erasing a large portion of CS: GO’s history.

Although as time goes on, new and improved workshop maps will become available and the missing official maps and modes will be added back in, there is no excuse for a full blown high budget game to be released in this state.


CS 2 Gameplay Review
Playfulness. (Image taken by eXputer)

On time CS 2 Keeping the core principles of the series, it introduces a number of innovations and refinements that raise the gaming experience to new heights. It continues the unwavering commitment to the classic game formula that fans have loved for years.

Each round is a high-stakes battle, where one mistake can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The heart of this game lies in its gunplay, and it continues to shine as one of the best examples of precision and skill-based shooting in the gaming world. Each weapon feels distinct, requiring players to master their recoil patterns and handling characteristics.

The sheer satisfaction of landing a header or mastering a fine spray pattern is a testament to Counter-Strike’s commitment to excellence.

The immense satisfaction of landing a head or mastering a fine spray pattern is a testament to that of Counter-Strike Commitment to excellence. To make it more accessible, Valve added a replaceable connection Follow Recoil An option, through which the cursor follows the recoil of a weapon, allowing beginners to control it better.

The game introduces a new network for buying weapons reminiscent of Valorant. While the number of weapons exceeds the slots available online, players must choose their loadouts carefully in the remake charging menu, considering their play style and goals.

The grid system is much more efficient than its previous weapon selection wheel. Oh, and now you can drop your utility like grenades, smoke, molotovs, and zeus for your teammates too.

Grid-like shopping menu
Grid-like shopping menu. (Photo by eXputer)

Speaking of usability, one notable addition is the revamped smoke mechanic. Smoke now envelops the 3D environment, creating dynamic and tactical opportunities. Shooting through smoke temporarily opens a gap, allowing players to gain an advantage by catching opponents.

Grenades can disperse the smoke, adding another layer of strategy. These changes not only make the smoke grenades more diverse, but also add depth to the game.

The ranking system has also been completely redesigned for competitive Situation. Instead of one ranking based on your overall performance, each map now calculates your ranking taking into account your performance on said map, independent of other maps.

CS ratings are dynamic and change after each match, eliminating the ambiguity of rating progression in the older ELO system.

For example, you can be Master Guardian 2 B mirage But stuck hard Money 2 B Anubis. I feel like this is a really good change as my performance has been quite inconsistent CS: Go across different maps. I excelled in Dust 2, mirageand inferno But completely destroyed dizziness and nucleusWhich hurt my overall rating.

competitive Mode is also the only place where players can queue as a group of four, as Valve has limited party entry of four players Prime Minister Situation. Prime Minister Mode adds its own twist to the ranking system. Players earn a CS rating After completing ten positional adjustments in said mode, traditional rank exchange.

This ranking reflects a player’s global position in the leaderboards, and shows where he stands among the best players in the world. Leaderboards include categories such as overall rating, number of wins, win rate and placement percentage, offering a clearer representation of a player’s skill level.

CS ratings They are dynamic and change after each adjustment, eliminating the ambiguity of rank progression in the adults ELO editorial board.

Visuals and performance

CS 2 Visuals Review
visual. (Image credit: eXputer)

of a valve A decision to rebuild the game from the ground up using the Source 2 An engine resulted in a visual masterpiece that enhances the overall experience. One of the most notable aspects is the aesthetic revitalization of the franchise. The game boasts significant visual upgrades that breathe new life into the classic maps and environments.

Lighting, textures and smoke effects have all received an exceptional facelift, giving the game a modern and polished look while retaining the essence of the original. It is most prominent in inferno which underwent a visual overhaul from the ground up and feels like a completely different map.

The colors are more vivid, and the lighting effects are nothing short of breathtaking. With improved visibility and aesthetics, players are less likely to camp in low-visibility hideouts, leading to more intense and engaging firefights.

The weapon textures have also been overhauled allowing them to look crisper than ever. I actually prefer you vanilla AK 47 above mine AK-47 Mystic Front skin Now, that has been with me through thick and thin.

Players can even see the alcohol inside the Molotov cocktails change and adjust depending on how they hold them. These visual details may not directly affect gameplay, but they contribute to the overall immersion and visual richness of the game.

Visual overhaul of Inferno
Visual overhaul of Inferno. (Image taken by eXputer)

But, not everything is perfect in the performance department. CS: Go It was known for its fluid gameplay allowing for a satisfying competitive experience. CS 2 Seen as an improved iteration of the game, it faces a worrying perception of lower performance.

Instead of a smooth, fast and sharp response, the gaming experience feels noticeably delayed, lacking the fluidity and responsiveness expected.

The movement in CS 2 has not yet reached the refinement of the Counter-Strike feature, and the input lag gives a sense of delay in direction and movement

When switching between the two games, the contrast is evident. movement in CS 2 has not yet achieved the characteristic refinement counter attackAnd the input delay gives a sense of delay in direction and movement.

Comparatively, it seems that 128-Tick The system feels much more responsive and polished than the current sub-marking system in CS 2. The latter seems to be an inferior substitute for the former. The netcode is a marked improvement over the original, but it still has a long way to go.

Additionally, player animations look unnatural when enemies perform wide swings or peeks. It is evident that the players who initiate the peek have a considerable advantage over their counterparts in CS 2. This discrepancy may be attributed to factors such as buggy animations, lag compensation, or server-side issues.


CS Review Verdict 2
Church of the Inferno. (Photo by eXputer)

Counter-Strike 2 Boldly enters the competitive scene with a new coat of paint and fresh new ideas. However, the performance issues, including toll animations and liquidity concerns, affect the overall experience and prevent it from reaching true greatness.

It will surely become the game it envisions itself to be: the new standard for competitive gaming, but right now, it’s undercooked and still needs more time in the oven.

It was ours Counter-Strike 2 Review. While you’re here, consider checking out some of our other articles.

Why should you play this game?

You should play this game if you are looking for mechanically good, fair and simple tactical shooters. If you have a group of equally eager friends, nothing beats the traditional Counter-Strike experience.

Why shouldn’t you play this game?

If you don’t like competitive shooting and are generally looking for a more relaxed experience. The community can also be quite toxic just like most games of the genre.

Who is this game for?

This game is for the CS: GO fan base as it is basically the same game with some improvements. It can also serve as a gateway to attract new players to Counter-Strike.

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