Counter-Strike 2 support ends on Mac and older PCs

October 12, 2023 by No Comments

Valve has announced that Counter-Strike 2 will end support for Mac devices and older PC hardware on January 1, 2024.

The update comes from Valve blogIt reads,

“Counter-Strike 2 represents the biggest technological advancement in CS history and our goal is to continue to develop Counter-Strike for years to come.

As technology evolves, we’ve made the difficult decision to end support for older hardware, including DirectX 9 and 32-bit operating systems. Likewise, we no longer support macOS. Combined, these represent less than one percent of active CS:GO players.

Going forward, Counter-Strike 2 will exclusively support 64-bit Windows and Linux.

If you can’t launch Counter-Strike 2 with your current hardware, you can access the legacy version of CS:GO. Support for this version of CS:GO will end on January 1, 2024.

Valve will allow customers to get a refund if they paid for a Prime status upgrade valid until December 1, 2023.

“The game will remain available after January 1, 2024, but certain functionality that relies on compatibility with Game Coordinator (eg, access to inventory) may degrade and/or fail,” the blog says.

The news comes after Counter-Strike 2 turned out to be Valve’s worst game, a difficult feat to achieve as the old positive CS:GO reviews still hold true for CS:GO 2.

What do you think about Valve ending support for Counter-Strike 2 on older hardware?

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