Counter-Strike games, ranked worst to best

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Counter Strike 2 is here and the response has been mixed at best. That got us thinking, what are the best and worst Counter-Strike games?

Although some have thought of the main three for the past two decades, there are actually more than that. So let’s rank Counter-Strike games from worst to best.

For this list, we’re looking at all global-release Counter-Strike titles. That means region-specific games like Counter-Strike Neo aren’t part of it.

Let’s get into it.

All Counter-Strike games, ranked

6. Counter Strike 2

While you might think recency bias is at play here, Counter-Strike 2 is really a huge disappointment. First, it’s a compelling upgrade for anyone who loves Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. That means, whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with it.

From issues like cheats, missing features, hitbox concerns, framerate drops causing lag in the game, and respected players criticizing the game, nothing new is happening from Valve right now.

This may change in the future with further updates. But, it is at the bottom right now.

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5. Counter Strike Nexon: Studio

All Counter-Strike games are Nexon

Capitalizing on the zombie craze of the late 2000s and early 2010s, Nexon was a free-to-play zombie shooter using the same engine. A lot of people gave the game a shot because it was free, but it’s a repetitive title that’s not worth it at all. If you want to have a better zombie experience, it is better to find an online server in Global Offensive.

4. Counter Strike: Condition Zero

All Counter-Strike games

Counter-Strike, Condition Zero’s follow-up has updated textures, maps, models and more. However, the game doesn’t feel like a true sequel to the original game. Instead, the gameplay felt a bit slower to me than the original, and instead of continuing to play you’re left wondering why not go back to the first game after playing through the campaigns.

3. Counter Strike (CS: 1.6)

All Counter-Strike games

The first game that started a phenomenon. Counter-Strike, or CS 1.6 as it is now known, is the game most people remember when they were introduced to the series. Although there were many problems with the first game, it was a favorite of many because it was the first. You really had to work to master some guns and the feeling of accomplishment when you finally mastered the AWP was second to none.

The best thing about the original, or 1.6, is that it’s so light, in the mid-2000s you could put an entire game on a small flash drive. This led to some great LAN sessions in the high school computer lab.

2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Say how the game eventually changed with loot boxes and gambling, but Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an absolute gem of a first-person shooter. It’s easy to learn and get the hang of, but difficult to master if you’re not dedicated.

The gameplay is as fast as the original and requires more skill than the previous games. Plus, the community around it, when you find a good one, will provide you with the most enjoyable online gaming moments you’ll ever have.

With the release of the aforementioned Counter-Strike 2, players were forced to abandon it forever.

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1. Counter Strike: Origin

First released in 2004, this game is the pinnacle of Counter-Strike games. While many say 1.6 should be the top game, I think Source takes everything from 1.6 and makes it even better. Hitboxes have been greatly improved, player lagging has been fixed since 1.6, guns feel better to control and much more. The updated engine just made for a fun time.

The fast-paced gameplay depends almost entirely on your skill with the mouse and keyboard — if you can avoid the cheaters — and just provides hours of fun. Plus

How would you rank Counter Strike games? Let us know in the comments below.

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