Cozy Life Sim Sunnyside launches May 24 on PC, July 10 on consoles

April 12, 2024 by No Comments

Publisher Maximum Entertainment and developer RainyGames will launch an anime-inspired life sim Sunny side On May 24Th For PC, it will be followed by the PlayStation 5 and Xbox series releases on July 10.Th. The game features a diverse cast of over 25 characters to develop relationships with, while building your own home and farming in the Japanese countryside. There’s more to Sunnyside than meets the eye, however, as mysterious caverns beneath the city await to be explored as you help a drone named Sparky recover his lost memories.

I can’t wait to check it out when it lands on consoles. If you are also curious, you can play the first 10 days of the game. steam Demo, available now.

Main Features:

  • Experience innovative gameplay that finally modernizes the classic farm sim.
  • Join SunnySide’s established community and build relationships with its many residents.
  • Express yourself with deep customization in character creation and building your home.
  • Use your time to pursue your interests and truly express yourself.
  • Enjoy a unique and relaxing combat system as you explore the caves beneath Sunnyside.

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