CS2: All TenZ settings (video, crosshairs, radar and mouse)

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TenZ Known for his incredible aim and mechanical skills, which he honed from his extensive background in CS:GO. He has over 10,000 hours of experience in the field CS: Go and Was one of the highest profile players to move to heroism. With the release of Counter-Strike 2, TenZ was influenced to try it, and of course, all his fans were interested to know”TenZ CS2 settings.”

A key takeaway

  • tyson”TenZ“Ngo is a former Counter-Strike and current Valorant pro.
  • TenZ uses a sensitivity of 0.5 b Counter-Strike 2 With 1600 DPI mouse.
  • However, TenZ is quite famous for changing his sensitivities multiple times during a single match, so his sensitivities are not constant, as is evident on his. fibrillation currents.
  • Tenz video resolution for CS2 is 1280×960; Many other Counter-Strike professionals can also be seen using the same resolution.

TenZ CS2 settings

All the important settings of TenZ in Counter-Strike 2 are listed in the table below:

definition name value definition
Mouse DPI 1600
sensitivity in the game ranging from 0.3 to 0.5
Video resolution 1280 x 960
Aspect ratio 4:3
Radar size 1.3
Radar zoom 0.45

Mouse settings

TenZ Mouse Settings (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

Starting with TenZ’s mouse settings, the mouse he uses is none other than the famous Logitech mouse, “Logitech G pro-X Superlight Black Edition,” which is a wireless gaming mouse that weighs only 63 grams and has a HERO 25K sensor.

TenZ’s mouse settings, along with its in-game sensitivity, are listed in the table below:

DPI 1600
sensitivity 0.5
eDPI 800
Zoom sensitivity 1
the runner 1000
Windows sensitivity 6

Cross hair settings

TenZ cross definitions
TenZ Crosshair Settings (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

moving to of TenZ Crosshair settings, it’s no different from the crosshair he’s been using so far heroismAs well as CS: GO.

To configure the crosshair settings, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Counter-Strike 2 settings.
  2. From there, turn to Aim settings.
  3. Press on Share or import and paste the following code:
  4. This will import the TenZ aim settings into your game.

More details about TenZ’s aim in Counter-Strike 2 are as follows:

Draw an outline 0
Alpha 250
Color 4
blue 0
green 150
red 0
point 0
gap -3
size 2
style 4
thickness 1
Sniper width 1

Video settings

TenZ video settings
TenZ Video Settings (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The video settings that TenZ uses Counter-Strike 2 are not unusual. I think they are pretty basic and in line with that of many other Counter-Strike pros. I also use the same video settings, like 1280×960 Stretch Resolution is my favorite so far.

I recommend you also go through the guide, The best resolutions in CS2By one of our writer friends, Abdul Hadi.

TenZ Counter-Strike 2 video settings are mentioned in detail in the given table:

solving the problem 1280×960
Aspect ratio 4:3
scale mode stretching
clarity 126%
display mode full screen

Advanced video settings

TenZ Advanced Video Settings
TenZ Advance Video Settings (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

TenZ’s advanced video settings in Counter-Strike 2 are:

Improve player contrast activated
Wait for VSync handicapped
Multi-sampling Anti-Aliasing mode nobody
World shadow quality low
Model/Texture Details low
Texture filter mode bilinear
Shader Detail low
The details of the particles low
Blocking environment handicapped
High dynamic range Performence
FideltyFX super resolution Performence
NVIDIA Reflex low latency handicapped

Radar settings

TenZ radar settings
TenZ Radar Settings (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

One of the most important things that many players may miss is Radar settings. This is an important feature that allows players to get information on the other side of the map. However, in other games, this feature is called “from here.”

The TenZ radar settings in Counter-Strike 2 are:

Radar centers the player Yes
The radar is spinning Yes
Change shape with scoreboard Yes
Radar radar size 1.3
Zoom radar map 0.45

What I think about the TenZ settings

My final thoughts on The settings of TenZ In Counter-Strike 2 they are very positive, and some of these settings, such as its video resolution and advanced video settings, can be used by any other factor Counter-Strike 2 player. However, regarding the sensitivity and crossover, I advise each player to find their perfect sensitivity and crossover, which can greatly affect their aim.

With all the information provided above, my guide on TenZ CS2 settings finally ends. In this guide, I have mentioned every single detail about the settings of a former Counter-Strike pro TenZ Used while playing the latest addition to Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike 2.

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