CS2: Best Audio Settings (Definitive Guide)

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To improve your CS2 experience, you should implement the Best audio settings. By doing this, you will be able to perform better in the game because you will hear the footsteps, gunshots and other sounds clearly. Audio settings are often overlooked in Counter-Strike 2, but when the best settings are applied, it clearly makes a difference.

A key takeaway

  • Better audio settings in CS2 will be boost The overall experience in the game.
  • Players should choose the music settings entirely based on their own preferences.
  • Regarding the audio settings, the ones I mentioned are ideal, but they can be changed.
  • The EQ profile should be set to crisp for a better experience.
  • L/R isolation is a New feature In CS2 that blends the sound in your left and right ear.
  • Perspective correction and efficient Push-To-Talk are two other new features.
  • Push-To-Talk optimization is a Great featureWhile perspective correction doesn’t look great.

The best CS2 audio settings

Best audio settings in CS2 (image taken by us)

The best audio settings in Counter-Strike 2 depend entirely on the player’s perspective.

With that in mind, I’ll share what I think are the best audio settings you can apply in game.

Here are the best audio settings in Counter-Strike 2:

definition Best value
A master volume 70%
Audio device Install default
EQ profile crisp
L/R isolation 50%
perspective correction No
Turn on the sound Click to use the microphone
VOIP volume 30%
Effective Push-To-Talk Yes
Play audio when playing in the background Yes

You can set the master volume, depending on your preference, anywhere between 50% and 100%. I think 70% is the best, but maybe I have a different opinion than others. After setting the volume and the main audio device, I would suggest you to set the music settings according to your preference. When you’re done with that, configure the rest of the audio settings.

EQ profile

EQ profile (grab a screenshot from us)

The feature’s EQ profile may confuse many as it offers three different options.

The three different options are the following:

  • natural: Natural, as the name suggests, is the simplest of the three. This might be the best setup for those who just play games casually and just want a normal experience with sounds.
  • crisp: Crisp is designed for those who do gaming with passion. In my opinion, this will give you the best sound experience in CS2. With Crisp set as your EQ profile, you will find a difference in sound quality as the sounds around you will be very clear.
  • Part: If you want to play CS2 for a long time during the weekend, then you should go with Smooth. While the sound quality will be poor, you will be able to play for a long time. If you are looking to play competitive or ranked games, then I recommend not using it.

L/R isolation

L/R Isolation (image captured by eXputer)

At first, I didn’t really understand the purpose of L/R Isolation, but after a while, when I got used to it, it did make a big difference. The purpose of L/R isolation is blend the sound in your left and right ears. You might feel a little uncomfortable at first, but it won’t take long to get used to it.

L/R isolation is a really great feature that allows you to hear the sound around you very clearly. Due to this, the overall gaming experience is improved, meaning you will get a better experience. I would recommend you set it to 50%, but depending on your preference, you can change it accordingly.

perspective correction

New CS2 feature: perspective correction (image source: eXputer)

Perspective correction was not available in CS: GO, so many players may be confused about it. There is nothing to be confused about, because it only helps you understand where is the sound coming from near you. It does improve your overall sound experience in CS2, but if you don’t want to use it, select No. I personally don’t like the new feature because it wasn’t available in CS: GO, and it just isn’t. Sit right with me.

Effective Push-To-Talk

Optimized Push-To-Talk
Effective push-to-speech (Image credit: eXputer)

I really liked the efficient Push-To-Talk, and it’s one of the best new features in CS2. By using the feature, no other device on your computer will be able to do so Take control of the audio settings. If you haven’t enabled it, you might face some problems if some program on your computer takes over the audio settings. So, I recommend you to run it to get the best experience.

Terminal commands for the best audio settings in CS2

You can even use the console in CS2 to enter commands and improve the sound quality. God snd_rear_headphone_position is a great command that improves the sound quality to a level where you can tell the difference. If you plan to play competitive games in CS2, then I recommend you to use the console command mentioned above.

That’s pretty much everything you’d want to know about The best CS2 audio settings. These settings play an important role in improving your overall experience in Counter-Strike 2. Audio settings are just as important as your best resolution settings, but they are neglected by many. The settings I discussed in the guide are based on my preference, but I think many will like them. Of course, you can change them according to your preference.

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