Darker Darker Hotfix #16 Compensates players for returning a server

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The main points of the story

  • Following the release of Dark and Darker Hotfix #15, some unexpected item changes and issues arose that prompted the developers to release Hotfix #16, which includes a server rollback to October 5th, 9:00 UTC.
  • The developers also apologized for making drastic balance changes and will revert those changes to a “slightly different level in Hotfix #14.”
  • 5 bluestone shards will be given to all players who log in after this update to compensate for wasted time and effort.

Darker Darker Hot Fix #16 has been released, and it returns the game servers to October 5, 9:00 UTC. The server rollback was necessary to deal with the issues that appeared after Hotfix #15. Since a server rollback usually means that players’ time and efforts within a certain period went to waste, the developers compensated the community by giving 5 Blue Stone Shards to all players who log in after the update.

Darker Darker Hot Fix #16
Darker Darker Hot Fix #16

Less than a day after the release of hotfix #15, the developers publicly apologized for the unexpected changes to the item, and promised to come up with a solution. The developers published a series of announcements on the official Discord server, which became the main means of communication between the developers and the players. After identifying the core issue, the developers thought that fixing the issue using a rollback would be best.

Bringing back a darker, darker server
Bringing back a darker, darker server.

Still, the database sync error, the root cause, had some side effects with rollback logic, causing item duplication issues. As such, the developers restarted the servers, released Hotfix #16, and pushed the game back to October 5th, 9:00 UTC. The team also brought back the “Drastic changes in balanceto a slightly different level in hotfix #14.

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After the release of Hot Patch No. 16, Earthquake No need to do more damage than intended. Item random modifiers will be rebalanced to be similar to how they were in Hotfix #14. Players can now get slightly more Additional magical/true damage. All properties are currently limited to a maximum of 1. Ruins will now have 2 more blue portals. The amount of item drop by chest has been slightly reduced.

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