Days Gone Director: Sony Execs ‘Were Never Fans’, Hence No Sequel

June 1, 2024 by No Comments

Ahead of the recent State of Play showcase that revealed upcoming games for the PlayStation ecosystem, Jeff Ross, who served as game director on Days Gone, made a damning announcement. Speaking at Days Gone 2’s PlayStation showcase, Ross explained that Sony executives like newly crowned CEO Hermen Hulst were ‘never fans’, a major reason why the follow-up title was never developed.

Days gone by

Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic title with plenty of meat on its bones, but thanks to a troubled launch, it received negative feedback very early on, hurting the game significantly. From a team of veterans at Bend Studios, Days Gone emerges as something new and delicious in the zombie-slasher world, presenting players with motorbike badass, Deacon St. John.

In a post published on social media ahead of the recent State of Play showcase, Jeff Ross, one of the senior team members who worked on Days Gone, wrote:

Many people still ask me if there will ever be a Days Gone sequel, so I submit this poster as evidence that it will never happen. Sony higher-ups like Hermen were never fans, so you won’t hear about this in PlayStation State of Play today or ever.

Fans were optimistic about the comments, but Jeff Ross shut down a certain poster, saying, ‘This is a case that is closed for now and closed forever.’ It’s sad news for those who enjoyed Days Gone – like me – but it’s a one-off wonder that will never see the light of day again.

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